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Dumb and dumber

How did Obama and Pelosi become so out of touch?

S.E. Cupp's Diary: Election Edition! - TheDC

This year’s midterms elections — historically snoozefests or geek rallies — have been anything but boring. In fact, they’ve been downright hilarious!

List of Dems looking to oust Nancy Pelosi grows - TheDC

More than a dozen House Democrats now want to fire the House Speaker

Defectors? Don't bet on it - TheDC

Conservative Democrats switching to GOP looks unlikely, political scientists say

TheDC Election Outlook: The latest in the Tea Party races - TheDC

TheDC breaks down the hot races across the country the Tea Party is impacting

Ala. Democrat brags of voting with Boehner [VIDEO] - TheDC

Rep. Bobby Bright brags that as the House’s most independent member, he’s voted with John Boehner 80 percent of the time

Moderate Dems distance themselves from Pelosi - CQ-Roll Call

Several Blue Dog Democrats have refused to publicly commit to supporting Nancy Pelosi again as House Speaker

Forget Bush! Dems run against Obama, Pelosi - TheDC

Vulnerable Democrats are keeping their distance from the President and Speaker, often sounding like Republicans in ads

Rep. Bright (D-AL) jokes about Nancy Pelosi dying - Montgomery Advertiser

The Alabama Democrat made the remark during a forum at a local Chamber of Commerce meeting earning laughter from the audience

OPINION: Anti-Obama Democrats may survive midterms - WSJ

Dems from red or purple districts are trying to put distance between themselves and the Obama administration

Alabama party switcher Rep. Parker Griffith can run as a Republican

The Alabama Republican Party Steering Committee voted to allow Griffith, the congressman from the Alabama fifth who in December changed his party affiliation from Democratic to Republican, to run on the GOP ticket

Tea Party leaders make a list of targeted races - The Daily Caller

Tea Party advocates travel to Washington from Minnesota, Georgia, New York, Maryland, Ohio and Alabama and elsewhere to plot 2010 strategy

What's Next?

Democrats try to parse the chaotic fallout from election in Massachusetts, straining to discern whether any path toward health-care reform remains open to them