Adriana Lima Is Back In The Boxing Ring [PHOTO]

| Smoke Room Staff

Boxer Wears 'America 1st' Shorts In Fight Against Mexican Opponent

Sports | Mike Brest
Next time win

Gennady Golovkin Calls Out Canelo's Alleged Doping: 'These People Are Terrorists'

Sports | Jena Greene
'It’s not Mexican meat'

Boxer Failed Voluntary Drug Test - Blames It On Bad Meat

Sports | Jena Greene
'Embarrassing situation'

Archaeologists Just Unearthed A Pair Of Scary Looking Ancient Roman Boxing Gloves [PHOTOS]

Sports | Jena Greene
Dating back to 118-120 AD...

Boxer Gets His Ear Split In Half - The Video Is Incredibly Graphic

Sports | David Hookstead

Is This Little Girl The Best Boxer Since Floyd Mayweather?

Sports | David Hookstead
She is incredible

Report: Trump '100 Percent' Interested In Attending Mayweather-McGregor Fight

Sports | George Congdon
'Crazy traffic'

Former Miss United States Wins Boxing Debut [PHOTOS]

Sports | David Hookstead
She is a star

Former Beauty Queen Makes Fighting Debut Tonight [PHOTOS]

Sports | David Hookstead
Her Instagram is incredible

Olympic Boxer Hassan Saada Arrested For Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Two Women In Rio

Sports | Christian Datoc

This Is The Movie All Boxing Fans Need To See

Entertainment | David Hookstead
It's an incredible true story

Gleason's Gym After Ali's Death: A Fighter's Perspective

Opinion | David Lawrence
I'll miss him despite myself and the crowd that applauded him without understanding him.

Ali's Legacy Shouldn't Apply To MMA

Opinion | Peter Roff
The fact the Ali Act worked for boxing doesn’t mean it's equally applicable to other sports.

Muhammad Ali In 1977: I Will Use Retirement To 'Get Myself Ready To Meet God'

Sports | Derek Hunter
'What am I going to do when I'm through fighting? Get myself ready to meet God and go to the best place'

The Greatest: Muhammad Ali Dies At Age 74

Sports | Christian Datoc
WATCH all of his greatest fights

Legendary Boxing Promoter: Let Trump And Bernie Debate On PPV

Sports | Christian Datoc
... and make Hillary moderate

Knockout Of The Year Turns Boxer's Brains Into Scrambled Eggs

Sports | Christian Datoc
... damn

Video Captures Moment AK-Wielding Gunmen Open Fire At Boxing Weigh-In

Sports | Christian Datoc
Terrifying footage

Throwback Thursday: That Time 15-Year-Old Mike Tyson Sent A Dude To The Afterlife

Sports | Christian Datoc
'Iron Tyke'

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