Former Beauty Queen Makes Fighting Debut Tonight [PHOTOS]

Sports | David Hookstead
Whitney Miller (Credit: Instagram)

Her Instagram is incredible

This Is The Movie All Boxing Fans Need To See

Entertainment | David Hookstead
Bleed For This (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Movieclips Trailers)

It’s an incredible true story

Gleason's Gym After Ali's Death: A Fighter's Perspective

Opinion | David Lawrence

I’ll miss him despite myself and the crowd that applauded him without understanding him.

Ali's Legacy Shouldn't Apply To MMA

Opinion | Peter Roff

The fact the Ali Act worked for boxing doesn’t mean it’s equally applicable to other sports.

Muhammad Ali In 1977: I Will Use Retirement To 'Get Myself Ready To Meet God'

Sports | Derek Hunter

‘What am I going to do when I’m through fighting? Get myself ready to meet God and go to the best place’

The Greatest: Muhammad Ali Dies At Age 74

Sports | Christian Datoc

WATCH all of his greatest fights

Legendary Boxing Promoter: Let Trump And Bernie Debate On PPV

Sports | Christian Datoc
Trump I Want To Run Against The 'Little Puppy' Bernie Sanders [screen shot MSNBC Getty]

… and make Hillary moderate

WATCH A Polish Boxer Knock His Opponent Out Of The Freakin' Ring

Sports | Christian Datoc
Boxer Izo Ugonoh Knocks His Opponent Out Of The Freakin' Ring (YouTube)

Right in the kisser!

Network Should ‘Throw In The Towel’ On Censorship Of Ammo Company Logo

Ammo & Gear Reviews | Guns and Gear

HBO Hissy Fit Over Fighter’s Sponsor – An Ammo Company!