Boy Scouts Of America Totally Caves, Will Allow Transgenders Now

US | Eric Owens
Boy Scouts gay pride parade Reuters/Noah Berger

‘Referring to birth certificates as the reference point is no longer sufficient’

'ERASING THE STAIN' Boy Scouts Of America Allow Gay Leaders But LGBT Activists STILL Aren't Satisfied

US | Casey Harper

‘A welcome step toward erasing a stain on this important organization’

Florida Church Calls Gay Boy Scout Leaders Predators

US | Evan Gahr

‘We know these kids are being preyed upon’

Calif. moves to ban judges affiliated with Boy Scouts

US | Patrick Howley

Move against ‘invidious discrimination’ fraught with major legal implications

Disney cuts funding for Boy Scouts due to policy on gay adult leaders

Entertainment | Scott Greer
The entrance gate to The Walt Disney Co is pictured in Burbank

‘We are disappointed in this decision because it will impact our ability to serve kids’

Boy Scouts ban fat kids from national gathering

US | Charles Rollet

Fat acceptance groups deplore decision to exclude kids over 40 BMI

Boy Scout defectors announce plans for a new scouting program

US | Caroline May
Boy Scouts

The organization will announce its name and logo in September

Boy Scouts to require 'sustainability' merit badge - TheDCNF

US | Michael Bastasch

New badge ‘takes conservation and environmental science to another level’

Boy Scouts may allow gay members - TheDCNF

US | Robby Soave

Vote would prohibit exclusion of gay scounts but not change policy on gay scoutmasters

Boy Scouts members plan coalition to keep gays out of organization

US | Nicole Lafond
Boy Scouts Gays

Concerned BSA members plan to campaign to keep scouting’s original policies

10,000 signatures back bill to strip Boy Scouts of tax-exempt status

US | Nicole Lafond
Boy Scouts Gays

California state senator takes aim at ‘discrimination’ policy against gays