Famous Restaurant From 'Breaking Bad' Opens Pop-Up Locations

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(Photos: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for AMC)

Fans of ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul’ are lining up to get a bite to eat

Did This TV Journo Dye His Hair Over The Weekend?

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Hey, men dye their hair. It happens.

This Celebrity Is Threatening To Leave The Country If Donald Trump Wins

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Bryan Cranston likes that Donald Trump is running for president. (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

He’s outta here…

'The Infiltrator' Is The Movie 'Narcos' Fans Have Been Waiting For

US | JP Carroll

Bryan Cranston shines in the 1980s narco-thriller

Bryan Cranston Is About To Have A Lot Of Angry Moms On His Hands

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Bryan Cranston compares being famous to being pregnant

Actor compares fame to pregnancy

'Breaking Bad' Fans Won't Stop Throwing Pizzas On Walter White's House

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

‘If you see anyone acting like an a******…’

'Better Call Saul' BROKE This TV record

Entertainment | Evan Wilt

‘Breaking Bad’ prequel breaks good

Bryan Cranston Responds To Mom Who Wants 'Breaking Bad' Toys Removed

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Doesn’t care what she thinks AT ALL

New 'Better Call Saul' Country Music Video Hints At Plot

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‘Who ya gonna call?’

Watch The Latest Teaser For AMC's 'Better Call Saul'

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The ‘Breaking Bad’ prequel premieres February 2015

Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Cooked Up An Emmy Promo

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Their chemistry is off the charts

It's Finally Here: AMC Releases 'Better Call Saul' Teaser Trailer

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‘Lawyers, we’re like health insurance…’

Walter White's Meth-Making Days Aren't Over, Yet

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Bryan Cranston (Photo: Getty Images)

Get your spoons ready

Advice Column Question Sounds Suspiciously Like Breaking Bad's Plot

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Or someone posing as Skyler White is trolling a Canadian newspaper columnist

'Breaking Bad' contest winner better call Saul

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Or a real life lawyer, since he was arrested for being the ringleader of a synthetic marijuana ring

13 absolute WORST things of 2013

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

#3 Justin Bieber

'Breaking Bad': Walter White's invisible body moved from Albuquerque cemetery

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

He is the one who knocks on heaven’s door