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Fox News' Bret Baier calls it 'striking' how little Americans care about crisis in Ukraine

Bret Baier

‘It’s all on the interior pages’

'Rapper's Delight' fight: FOX's Bret Baier welcomes a 'rap-off' with NBC's Brian Williams

‘It’s really, really strong’

CNN's Jake Tapper, Fox's Bret Baier weigh in on covering Bieber news

CNN’s Jake Tapper, Fox’s Bret Baier weigh in on covering Bieber news

Brit Hume: Democrats rush to the nuclear option shows their 2014 midterm pessimism


Fox political analyst says Democrats need to fill appeals court vacancies while they can

Bret Baier: 'I think Bob Woodward has a little bit of explaining to do'


Fox News host questions WaPo reporter’s story

What Mitt Romney could learn from the 2010 Iron Bowl

Instead of playing not to lose, Romney needs to play to win.

Bret Baier: Gay solider 'boo' at debate was exaggerated - TheDC

‘Special Report’ host insists only two or three individuals out of 5,500 jeered during Republican debate

Crazy Like A Fox - TheDC

Bret Baier

Emails reveal White House calling Fox News host Baier ‘a lunatic’

Hume: Congressional brinksmanship not pretty, but effective - TheDC

Fox News analyst theorizes in this polarized environment the only way both sides will broker a deal requires eleventh-hour maneuvers

Krauthammer suggests Jon Stewart rally is the new standard for lack of racial diversity - TheDC

Fox News panelist observes Comedy Central host’s ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’ the ‘whitest of all rallies ever held’

DeMint compares Palin's impact to Reagan - TheDC

DeMint says Palin has been the most influential GOP figure since Reagan

Political junkies beware! There's a lot of bad stuff out there

It’s too early for politics junkies to be getting worked up over 2012.

Critics agree: Fair and Balanced - TheDC

TheDC Analysis: Unlike MSNBC’s, Fox’s Election Night coverage was fair and balanced — and watchable

10 Questions with 'Duped America' author - TheDC

Richard Bernstein, former Democrat turned Republican, describes himself as ‘not a professional pundit, politician or celebrity, but rather an ordinary American very concerned about the future of our country’

MSNBC host calls Obama disloyal - Mediaite

Liberal talker Ed Schultz complains that despite ‘busting [his] ass’ for the president, he hasn’t yet scored an interview

S.E. Cupp’s Diary: O shows the right a little love

As he quickly tries to reposition himself as a moderate, expect him to throw more bones to the right, such as referring to Biden as “totally gaffetastic” at an upcoming press conference and answering Bret Baier’s questions

Pulling back Obama’s curtain

This week, at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, a Fox News reporter and anchor by the name of Bret Baier stepped away from the herd

DC on TV: Opinion Editor Moira Bagley on Obama's FOX interview

Daily Caller Opinion Editor Moira Bagley was featured on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation(!) show Connect with Mark Kelley