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Fournier: Obama Executive Amnesty Would Be Political 'Nuclear Bomb'

‘Blow open and make this country even more divided’

Why Does Bret Baier Have A Big Knife In His Office?

The Fox News host gives TheDC a tour

Is Bret Baier A Liberal Or A Conservative?

Bret Baier

Fox News’ chief political anchor opens up about his politics

You'll NEVER Guess Who Bret Baier's Favorite MSNBC Host Is

Bret Baier

‘But I do look at it not as a news product’

How Bret Baier Turns Fox Haters Into Fox Lovers

‘We don’t talk down to people’

Bret Baier Reveals The Media's Most Under-Covered Story

‘Anybody who is honest up on Capitol Hill would say that doesn’t seem feasible’

Hillary Clinton Is Going To Sit Down With Fox News

Hillary Clinton

Will ask former secretary of state about Benghazi

Morning Mirror


Time Columnist Savages CNN, Calls Fox 'Only Option' For Straight News At 6

‘Such an embarrassment to our profession’

Fox News' Bret Baier calls it 'striking' how little Americans care about crisis in Ukraine

Bret Baier

‘It’s all on the interior pages’

'Rapper's Delight' fight: FOX's Bret Baier welcomes a 'rap-off' with NBC's Brian Williams

‘It’s really, really strong’

CNN's Jake Tapper, Fox's Bret Baier weigh in on covering Bieber news

CNN’s Jake Tapper, Fox’s Bret Baier weigh in on covering Bieber news

Brit Hume: Democrats rush to the nuclear option shows their 2014 midterm pessimism


Fox political analyst says Democrats need to fill appeals court vacancies while they can

Bret Baier: 'I think Bob Woodward has a little bit of explaining to do'


Fox News host questions WaPo reporter’s story

What Mitt Romney could learn from the 2010 Iron Bowl

Instead of playing not to lose, Romney needs to play to win.

Bret Baier: Gay solider 'boo' at debate was exaggerated - TheDC

‘Special Report’ host insists only two or three individuals out of 5,500 jeered during Republican debate

Crazy Like A Fox - TheDC

Bret Baier

Emails reveal White House calling Fox News host Baier ‘a lunatic’

Hume: Congressional brinksmanship not pretty, but effective - TheDC

Fox News analyst theorizes in this polarized environment the only way both sides will broker a deal requires eleventh-hour maneuvers