brian kilmeade

'Fox & Friends' Now Owns Chris Cuomo's Soul After This Friday Morning Burn

US | Christian Datoc
boom. roasted.

Pocahontas Refused To Take A DNA Test And 'Fox & Friends' Brought The Hammer Down

Politics | Nick Givas
'I guess that's a "no"'

US Media Finally Notices How Justin Trudeau Punishes Pro-Life Movement

World | David Krayden
‘This man is repressive.’

Trump Tweets: 'Go Get The New Book On Andrew Jackson By Brian Kilmeade'

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
'Really good.'

The Man The President Watches

Politics | Julia Nista
'What you say matters'

Kimmel's Funnyman Act Turns Dark As He Threatens Fox News Host

Entertainment | Amber Athey

'The View' Is Guilty Of Two Counts Of Fake News Today

US | Amber Athey
Double dipping

Morning Mirror: The Hill’s 50 MB ‘At Least No One Was Grotesquely Obese’

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Guess Who Is Getting The Blame For Floundering Obamacare Repeal

Politics | Will Ricciardella
'You gotta know where to take the battle and fight...'

President Trump Gets Real About The Criticism He Has Been Receiving

Politics | Kaitlan Collins

Not Your Liberal's Thomas Jefferson

Opinion | Brion McClanahan
Kilmeade and Yaeger conclusively prove that Islamic diplomacy cannot be trusted.

Condi Rice: 'The World Is Ready For Stronger American Leadership'

Video | Alex Griswold
'When the United States steps back and speaks softly, nobody listens.'

Allen West: After Midterms, Age of 'Identity Politics' Is Over

Politics | Alex Griswold
'No more of this 'war on women.' No more of this targeted fliers to the black community.'

Krauthammer: 'No Doubt' Chickensh*t Story Accurately Reflects Obama's View

Video | Alex Griswold
'This is the worst relations between administrations, Israeli and American, probably in 50 years.'

Mark Steyn: It Doesn't Matter If The GOP Win The Midterms. Here's Why

Politics | Al Weaver
'The left is brilliant at framing the debate'

Separated at Birth: The Latino Brian Kilmeade

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Es perfecto!

Allen West: 'We Need To Crush Hamas'

US | Aaron Bandler
'Why would anyone want to side with an Islamic terrorist organization against a sovereign nation state?'

Spies like us

Opinion | Brion McClanahan
Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaegar deliver an exciting account of America's first spy ring

Brian Kilmeade SPEAKS: On being parodied on SNL, his career and his new book

US | Jamie Weinstein
'I don't feel uplifted by being portrayed as fat and dumb --- I am not fat!!'

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