Will The Supreme Court Let Obama Unilaterally Rewrite Immigration Law?

Opinion | Brion McClanahan
Immigration activists rally outside the U.S. Supreme Court as justices hear arguments in a challenge by 26 states over the constitutionality of President Barack Obama's executive action to defer deportation of certain immigrant children and parents who are in the country illegally in Washington April 18, 2016. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

This should not be a difficult decision for the Supreme Court. Obama broke the law and his executive memo should be declared void.

A Presidential Hall Of Shame

Opinion | Brent Smith
Summer 1947 and November 1, 1950: President Harry S. Truman survived numerous attempted assassination attempts. In the summer of 1947, numerous letter bombs were sent to the White House. Secret Service members intercepted and dismantled the bombs. In November 1950, Truman was staying in the Blair House while the White House underwent renovations. Two Puerto Rican pro-independence activists, Griselio Torresla and Oscar Collazo started a shootout outside of the Blair House. Allegedly Truman watched through his window before a passerby yelled for him to take cover. (photo: wikimedia commons)

McClanahan has crafted this book in such a way as to be attractive to geek and laymen alike.

Not Your Liberal's Thomas Jefferson

Opinion | Brion McClanahan
Thomas Jefferson, founding father and third President (Wikimedia Commons)

Kilmeade and Yaeger conclusively prove that Islamic diplomacy cannot be trusted.

Mark Levin's fair-weather federalism

Opinion | Brion McClanahan

Kudos to him for supporting an Article V convention, but he still thinks the 10th Amendment is for “neoconfederates.”

Spies like us

Opinion | Brion McClanahan

Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaegar deliver an exciting account of America’s first spy ring

King Barack: Presidents enforce Congress's laws, they don't 'negotiate' over them

Opinion | Brion McClanahan

But even on Obamacare, the president has disregarded the law.

Personal firearms have shaped American history

Opinion | Brion McClanahan

Daniel Boone, Andrew Jackson, George Patton and other American heroes grew up wielding military-grade personal firearms.

Is America too big?

Opinion | Brion McClanahan

The ratio of representatives to citizens (750,000 to 1) is now 20 times higher than the founders envisioned.

The five most overrated presidents

Opinion | Brion McClanahan

Why the presidents who are often ranked among the greatest in American history are really some of the worst.

A free press, not a fair press

Opinion | Brion McClanahan

The American media has always been biased. What matters is that it’s independent.

Our first gay president?

Editorial | Brion McClanahan

Why Newsweek should have put James Buchanan on its cover instead of Obama.

'Damn, I just want some jam'

Editorial | Brion McClanahan

Our food stamp program is broken. Here’s how to fix it.

Have our presidents become kings?

Feature:Opinion | Brion McClanahan

Presidents’ Day is a good time to reflect on how the Founding Fathers viewed the presidency.

How Obama's speeches compare to our Founders'

Opinion | Brion McClanahan

The short answer is: not very well.

Which GOP candidate would the Founders support?

Editorial | Brion McClanahan

It would be an easy choice: Ron Paul.

The five most underrated presidents

op-ed | Brion McClanahan

These men faithfully defended the Constitution. They deserve some credit.

That stupid question

Feature:Opinion | Brion McClanahan

The real reason that George Stephanopoulos’s question about contraception was stupid.

President Obama doesn't play enough golf

Feature:Opinion | Brion McClanahan

The more he plays golf, the less we have to worry about his legislative agenda.

Heed the lessons of '36 and '48

Opinion | Brion McClanahan

To win the 2012 presidential election, Republicans need to nominate a solidly conservative candidate.