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Why Charles Krauthammer's defense of the 'victimless' NSA is wrong

Charles Krauthammer

The program threatens no one unless it’s abused. Just like the IRS.

Brit Hume rationalizes NSA spying: 'If everyone is supposedly under surveillance, then no one is'

'This is the ultimate haystack'

Brit Hume on Obamacare: 'Political consequences will be felt long after the laughter has faded'

‘There seems little doubt at this point who is going to get stung’

Brit Hume: Democrats rush to the nuclear option shows their 2014 midterm pessimism


Fox political analyst says Democrats need to fill appeals court vacancies while they can

Hume: 'Media as a whole is coming down the administration's smokestack'

President Obama holds a news conference in the briefing room of the White House in Washington

‘The administration’s continuing evasion and excuses seem only to be feeding the story’

Brit Hume's surprising conclusion about Obamacare failure


Fox News senior political analyst questions how president would have no knowledge on issue after issue

Hume: 'Partisan attacks' from Democrats 'ugly as I've ever seen it'

‘With Obama, this is a staple. This is how he rolls. This is what he does’

Hume explains why conservative talkers can cause problems for some House Republicans

The men behind the ‘suicide mission’?

Hume: Obama's LOOKING FOR a fight


Fox News senior political analyst says president is right to see the issue as a loser for the GOP

Brit Hume on Obama speech: 'It was a speech in search of a purpose'


Fox News political analyst questions effectiveness of president’s national address

Brit Hume attacks Obama fixation on 'wealth inequality'

‘Republicans tend to worry about the health of the goose, Democrats about the distribution of the golden eggs’

Brit Hume: Obama administration 'can't seem to shake hands with the truth'

Clapper’s testimony about surveillance ‘wasn’t misleading. It was flat-out false’

Brit Hume, Juan Williams blow up over Holder's role in FNC-Rosen probe

‘Fox News Sunday’ panelists clash over Justice Department handling of investigation of its own alleged wrongdoing

Brit Hume: Obama, Holder contradict themselves on press freedom with Rosen investigation


Fox News analyst calls into question the Justice Department investigation of ‘leakee’ versus the leaker

Brit Hume: I wouldn't be surprised to see Rubio vote against final immigration bill

‘I think the bill is in deep trouble’

Brit Hume: 'No way' for Hillary Clinton to escape responsibility for Benghazi

‘I think then-Secretary Clinton knew that the talking points were shaky’

Hume: The country 'may be ready' for another President Bush

Fox News senior political analyst explains Barbara Bush’s ‘we’ve had enough Bushes’ quote

Hume: Immigration bill 'in trouble' for reasons other than the Boston bombing

‘I’m not saying it’s dead, but I think it’s in serious trouble’

Brit Hume: 'The laws of political gravity apply to Barack Obama after all' [VIDEO]


Fox News senior political analyst warns of trouble for the president in second term