Melania Hits London In Gorgeous Taupe-Colored Dress [PHOTOS]

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
She always looks incredible

Brexit Officials Resign: PM Gave The EU 'Too Much, Too Easily'

World | Sharan Kumar
May's 'dangerous plans'

CO2 Shortage In Britain Causes Crumpet Crisis

Energy | Jason Hopkins
The Brits need their crumpets

Britain Can Legally Leave The EU As Brexit Bill Becomes Law

World | Ryan Pickrell
Culmination of a year-long fight

Brits Are Paying A Decade-High Price For Energy Because Their Turbines Can't Catch Any Wind

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Worrying about brownouts'

Police In Northern Ireland Confiscate Activists' Illegal Abortion Pills

World | Grace Carr
'International legal loopholes'

Pro-Choice Activists Are Sending Robots To Deliver Abortion Pills To Northern Ireland

World | Grace Carr
'Protect their rights'

Doctors Who Saved British Agent Poisoned By Russians Thought He Would Die

World | Tim Pearce
'All the evidence was there'

Check Out The Top Seven Most Extravagant Wedding Gowns

World | Gabrielle Okun

Study: British Men Are More Traditional About Gender Roles Than Other European Dudes

World | Gabrielle Okun
'Cultural bedrock'

France, UK, And Germany Emphasize Commitment To Iran Deal In Joint Statement

World | Julia Nista
'With regret and concern...'

Is It Wrong To Walk Around Naked Inside Your Own House? These British Neighbors Seem To Think So

World | Jena Greene
What an abomination!

British Man Arrested For Wielding A Potato Peeler In Public

World | Andrew Kerr

Schools Replacing Analog Clocks Because Students Can’t Read Them

Education | Rob Shimshock
’Don’t want them to put their hand up to ask how much time is left’

Iran Arrests British Professor -- Charges Unknown

World | Joseph Lafave
The Center for Human Rights in Iran was the first to alert the Brits

Here's What The Strike On Syria Looked Like

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
Syria hit with over one hundred missiles

Here Is How The Devastating Strike On Syria Went Down

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
'Precise, overwhelming, and effective'

Here Are The Devastating Weapons Of War The US And Its Allies Used In The Early Morning Strike On Syria

World | Ryan Pickrell
Both naval and air assets

'Isn't Just Gun Crime' -- Knife Attacks And Acid Attacks: Nigel Farage Attacks The Issue That's Leading To London's Increasing Violence

Politics | Nick Givas
'Big problem'

Russia Kicks Another 50 British Diplomats To The Curb As Spat Over Nerve Agent Attack Heats Up

World | Ryan Pickrell
No end in sight for tit-for-tat diplomatic expulsions and consular closings

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