Independent Review Of On-Air Pay Finds No Evidence Of Gender Discrimination At BBC

Media | Joe Simonson
LONDON - OCTOBER 18: The BBC logo is displayed above the main entrance to Television Centre on October 18, 2007 in London, England. In order to make ?2 billion GBP of savings the BBC will sell off it's famous television studios, make up to 1800 staff redundant and cut back on programme making. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Women’s groups still weren’t happy

Bishop Calls Out BBC For Its 'Pro-Abortion Bias'

World | Grace Carr
Protesters on opposing sides of the abortion issue demonstrate in front of the U.S. Supreme Court in March, 2016. (Photo: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

‘Lets us all down’

Ex-Chief Scientist: Our Advice To Gov't On Preventing Global Warming Was Wrong

Energy | Andrew Follett
A 500ml beaker filled with CO2 infront of a pile of money, representing the business interest behind the Global Warming scare ( / mikeledray)

‘It turns out we were wrong’

UK Starts Drilling First Fracking Wells

Energy | Andrew Follett
Oil pump on background of flag of United Kingdom ( Watman)

UK is one of the few countries in Europe to allow fracking

BBC, Facebook Engage In Bizarre Fight Over Child Porn

World | Eric Lieberman
Left: BBC logo. [chrisdorney /] Right: Facebook logo. [rvlsoft /]

‘hot xxxx schoolgirls’

Construction Begins On First Private Fracking Site

Energy | Andrew Follett
Oil pump on background of flag of United Kingdom ( Watman)

‘Exhaustive environmental impact assessment’

Government Overrules British Fracking Ban

Energy | Andrew Follett
Actress Daryl Hannah (C) joins protesters with Americans Against Fracking during a noon time protest in front of the White House in Washington, August 22, 2013. The group is urging U.S. President Barack Obama to ban hydraulic fracturing on public lands. REUTERS/Larry Downing

‘We have assessed everything; noise, traffic, water, emissions, etc.’

Study Shows No Correlation Between Fracking And Asthma, Despite Media Claims

Energy | Andrew Follett
A WPX Energy natural gas drilling rig north of Parachute, Colorado, December 9, 2014. The economy of Parachute, with a current population of approximately 1000 people, was devastated when thousands of workers lost their jobs on "Black Sunday" in 1982, after Exxon terminated the Colony Shale Oil Project. The current rise of hydraulic fracking in natural gas retrieval has given a cautious hope to the town's inhabitants, who know market demand and price can effect their local economy. (Reuters/Jim Urquhart)

Counties with the most asthma have little to no fracking.

BBC Review Finds It's Too Christian, Wants To Give More Exposure To Islam

World | Jonah Bennett
The main entrance to the BBC headquarters and studios in Portland Place, London.

‘I don’t think our liberal establishment appreciates what Christianity has done for the nation’

UN Makes 5 Million More Africans Homeless To Fight Global Warming

Energy | Andrew Follett
Jean-Pierre Kitenge Amisi, a Bantu, poses for a photograph with Budjita Kyungu Ndaye, a Pygmy, in Nyemba village, in southeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, November 24, 2015. Jean-Pierre Kitenge Amisi is the leader of internally displaced people. Bantus and Pygmies study in the same schools and go to the market together. Budjita Kyungu Ndaye says he is afraid of Pygmy militiamen attacking. Picture taken November 24, 2015. REUTERS/Habibou Bangre

‘Our new masters … like the animals more than humans’

Oil to exceed $150 a barrel, 'probably go over' $200 warns investor - TheDC

Business | Jeff Poor

Jim Rogers, co-founder of George Soros’ Quantum Fund tells the BBC ‘the world is running out of reserves of oil’

iPhone alarm glitch on New Years causes many to oversleep, miss work - Reuters

Tech | Laura Donovan

The New Year got off to a late start for the iPhone users with faulty built-in alarms

Olbermann loves a good conspiracy theory - TheDC

Politics | Ruth Graham

We watch, because we’re paid to

Media Matters ignores journalistic responsibility (yet again)

Opinion | Billy Hallowell

The liberal blog is attacking Fox News for trying to cover both sides of the climate change debate.

Picasso's electrician reveals artist's 'treasure trove' - BBC News

| interns

A retired electrician in southern France who worked for Pablo Picasso says he has hundreds of previously unknown works by the artist

The long road to the Chandlers' release - BBC

World | Julia McClatchy (admin)

A retired English couple, held at gunpoint with no big, multinational shipping company behind them to bail them out, were freed at last after 13 months of stop-start negotiations

Rendell is indefatigable as TV commentator - Philadelphia Inquirer

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Why is a 66-year-old lame-duck governor such a popular ‘get’ for TV producers the world over? Easy, say hosts who invite him. He’s smart and entertaining

Harry Potter blamed for India's owl crisis - AFP

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh has blamed fans of Harry Potter for the demise of wild owls in the country as children seek to emulate the boy wizard by taking the birds as pets

Should Fox fund NPR?

Opinion | Mark Judge

In yesterday’s Washington Post, former Post editor Steve Coll argued that Fox and other broadcasters should help fund NPR.

BBC denies new religion guidelines will change coverage - TheDC

US | Mike Riggs

BBC’s editorial policy details handling of religious stories; rep denies change to coverage