bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives

Trump Sent ATF Agents To Stop Gun Trafficking In Chicago. One Just Got Shot

US | Anders Hagstrom
'We will find you'

23 Firearms Were Either Lost Or Stolen From ATF Agents

Investigative Group | Ethan Barton
One gun was 'thrown in a landfill'

REPORT: Multi-Agency Enforcement Gang Operation Unfolding In DC Area

US | Anders Hagstrom
Court-authorized 'activity'

Justice Department, ATF To Decide If Bump Stocks Are Prohibited

US | Reuters
'Today we begin the process'

EXCLUSIVE: Obama Rarely Prosecuted Criminals Who Sought To Buy Guns Illegally

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock
'What's the point of making it a crime if you don't enforce it?'

Chicago PD Is Rolling Out This High-Tech ATF Van To Fight Gun Violence

US | AnnMarie Hilton
'Solving gun crime cases takes a high level investigative tool and expert ballistics analysis'

New Bill Aims To Eliminate 'Scandal-Ridden' Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms And Explosives

Politics | Russ Read
'Draining the swamp'

Gun-Wielding 'Mannequin Challenge' Leads To Firearm And Drug Arrests

US | Eric Lieberman
'There are several persons in the video who may be convicted felons'

Feds Urge Local Police To Scan License Plate Numbers Of People Attending Gun Shows

US | Eric Lieberman
Homeland Security makes 'every effort to utilize all investigative methods'

Retired ATF Agent: US Taxpayers Get Swindled By World Health Organization In Fight Against Illicit Tobacco

World | JP Carroll
Billions lost in tax revenue

The ATF Is Illegally Hoarding Mounds Of Personal Information On US Gun Owners

US | Eric Lieberman
ATF has tons of gun owner's personal information

ATF Agents In Texas Shoot Suspected IED With Water Cannon

US | Russ Read
'Someone made this to create lots of damage and harm'

No Confirmed ATF Director Enforcing Obama's New Gun Policies

Politics | Kerry Picket
'I will give the taxpayers what I've always given them'

ATF Inadvertently Undermines Obama's Big Executive Order, In Two Facebook Posts

Guns and Gear | Blake Neff
'So ... say I sell a bunch of guns to Mexican cartels, do I need a license?'

New York's Massive Tax Hike Totally Backfires

Business | Guy Bentley
Smokers turn to the black market to avoid New York taxes

Obama Planning To Pull The Trigger On Gun Control Executive Order

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos
'Very much underway'

Oregon Community College Shooter Purchased All Guns Legally

US | Steve Guest
Shooter brought six guns and body armor to the school

ATF Involved In Plot To Disarm Veterans, Seniors

Politics | Patrick Howley
All Social Security beneficiaries at risk

ATF Director Resigns Amid Controversy Over Backdoor Ammo Ban

Gun Laws & Legislation | Chuck Ross
B. Todd Jones leaves on a sour note

Obama Moves To Ban Your Rifle Ammunition

Opinion | Chris Cox
He couldn't get gun control through Congress, so the president is going around it.

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