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Democrats Want to Have It Their Way On Burger King Merger

‘Congress can’t afford to wait any longer to put a stop to tax dodging through this kind of merger’

Warren Buffett Bucks Obama In Burger King Deal

Goes against Democratic grain

See what ridiculous thing Kanye West bought Kim Kardashian for her wedding gift

Getty: Burger King

Because nothing says ’til death to us part’ like unlimited Satisfries

STRIKE: Will your city be hit by the fast-food walkout?

‘Where’s the beef?’

Four-year-old gets surprise treat in BK Kids Meal

Earns Burger King.JPEG

Hapless stoners put their weed in there

Woman bites into burger with razor blade in it, local news reacts hilariously

Hold the razor blades next time, Burger King

Hackers have it their way with Burger King's Twitter account - TheDC

Burger King Earns.JPEG

McDonald’s: ‘Nothing to do with’ Burger King’s Twitter account getting hacked

Dead man stops at Burger King for one last Whopper Jr.

Whopper Jr. (Photo: Burger King)

David Kime’s hearse rolled through a BK on the day of his funeral and he was then buried with his favorite burger

NBC chief medical editor asks if Burger King's bacon sundae is 'anti-Semitic' - TheDC

Dr. Nancy Snyderman: ‘I think every good Jew should go out there and protest’

Go hog wild: Burger King introduces the 'Bacon Sundae' - TheDC

Burger King Summer Menu

In the mood for something sweet and salty?

Man tries to buy drugs at Burger King drive-thru - AP

Burger King Buyout

Cashier called the cops after smelling marijuana coming from the car

Burger King adds oatmeal to the royal breakfast - AP


The world’s second-largest burger chain says the move balances its menu to offer customers a healthier breakfast option

The (Burger) King is dead - USA Today

Burger King

Burger King has jettisoned the creepiest mascot of all time

Woman charged after falling asleep at Burger King drive-thru -

Driving under the influence led to woman falling asleep in a Burger King drive-thru

Elderly man dies from whomping by Burger King employee - DFP

The attack by a 20 year old employee may have led the victim to choke on his dentures

Deactivating cell phones while driving is pointless

Food causes far more traffic accidents than cell phones.

Coffee conglomerate slows down - The Atlantic

Starbucks proposes a new strategy to baristas, advising them to slow down and increase coffee making theatrics

Taking over the King - BBC

Burger King sold to buy-out firm for $3.26bn

Drunk man arrested for the 210th time - FOX 19

An Ohio man, usually under the influence of alcohol, has accumulated the astounding number of arrests

Burger King employee put pills in burgers - WJXT Jacksonville

Man pleads guilty to slipping hydrocodone tablets into food