INSTANT JUSTICE: Two Robbers Break Into A Repair Shop, Immediately Regret It

US | Annie Caputo
Second Amendment in action

Woman Wakes Up To Sandwich-Making Home Intruder

US | Gabrielle Okun
'He decided to make himself a sandwich'

Church's Musical Equipment Stolen Days Before Easter Recovered On Good Friday

US | Mary Lou Lang

Making Your Home A Hard Target

Concealed Carry & Home Defense | Womens Outdoor News
Add several layers of defense around your home - Commonly known as concentric rings of security

See How The World's Dumbest Criminal Got Busted

US | Lauren Eissler
But wait! He gets dumber...

How this woman's Facebook post made her an easy target for robbers

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
One of them was a friend

13 Worst states to be a burglar

Gun Laws & Legislation | Guns and Gear
Don't even think about breaking in here

Man reacts hilariously to stolen Amazon package

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
He will avenge theft of plastic ice cube trays and K-cups

$1.4 million in Chopard jewels stolen at Cannes Film Festival

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Thieves reportedly broke into a Chopard employee's hotel room and ripped the safe off the wall

Rapper LL Cool J nabs intruder at his Los Angeles home

Entertainment | taylorbigler
The 'NCIS: Los Angeles' star caught a burglary suspect at his Studio City home Wednesday morning

Man fends off burglar with coffee mug

US | Adam Jablonowski
Pa. homeowner disables knife-wielding crook, by smashing coffee mug on the criminal's head

Legally armed homeowner catches thief, is jailed for firing warning shot

Guns and Gear | Adam Jablonowski
Man faces felony reckless conduct charge: 'I fired into the ground, to the left of him'

Woman tried robbing store with toy penguin

US | Vince Coglianese
She claimed to have a bomb in her shirt

Texas man convicted of resisting arrest after being mistaken for burglar in his own home

US | InternAdmin
Sentenced to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine

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