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American food trucks invade Paris - TheDC

The Smoking Truck burger

Food from the States gets surprisingly warm reception in France

Regulators should regulate economy, not intervene in it

Regulatory agencies should stick to creating clear, predictable rules.

The attacks on entrepreneurs keep coming

Why would anyone in their right mind start a business or hire more employees in this business environment?

Wendy's sells a majority stake in its fast-food chain Arby's - Forbes


The company expects to grow annual earnings in 2012

SEC moves to end sales of two China-based stocks - Bloomberg

Company stocks

SEC lawyers said China Century Dragon Media made misleading statements after the company’s auditor resigned

Thought for Small Business Week: Let credit unions make more small business loans

Congress should raise the arbitrary cap that now constrains credit unions’ small business lending.

An ILL wind for business -- Boeing, Boeing gone?

To understand where Obama’s policies are taking us, look no further than his home state of Illinois.

U.S. companies become more sustainable every day

A recent report reveals how 115 CEOs are working on making their companies more sustainable.

The best place to do business

The U.S. can once again be the best place in the world to do business. Here’s how.

General Motors: new and improved? - TheDC

GM looking to shake ‘Government Motors’ image

Why Steve Jobs doesn't want you to read

A deal that Jobs negotiated with book publishers is inflating e-book prices.

Consumers upset predictions as March retail sales rise - LAT

Retail analysts had predicted a 0.7% decline but instead saw a 1.7% increase in spending for March

Prosecutors say lawyer stole secrets, made millions - WSJ

Alleged 17-year insider trading scheme netted around $32 million in profits

Portugal seeks bailout, Europe debt crisis spreads - AP

If the bailout is granted Portugal will become the third EU nation to receive one

22-story rocket under construction - LAT

The ‘Space X’ rocket dubbed the ‘Falcon Heavy’ will be the second most powerful rocket created by the U.S.

If Obama is re-elected, he'll have GOP to thank

The Republicans have saved Obama from himself.

WTO rules some US state support for Boeing illegal - AFP

The WTO found some $5.3 billion in illegal subsidies were given to the company by the American government

SUED: Britney Spears faces $10 million lawsuit - Radar Online

The pop princess is being sued by her former business partner for breaching contract, fraud, and deceit

Sprint urges U.S. to block merger of AT&T and T-Mobile - LAT

Currently ranked the 4th largest cellular service, Sprint worries that the merger would be an “anti-competitive acquisition”

Little progress as shutdown deadline looms - Washington Times

Blame abounds as congress returns to session with the next budget deadline fast approaching