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Cambridge Professor Blamed For Facebook Data Debacle Says His Work Was Actually 'Ineffective'

Tech | Eric Lieberman
'People may feel angry and violated'

Child Advocacy Group Worried That Facebook Is Harming The Young With Data Partnerships

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Mishandling of user information impacted teens'

What If Cambridge Analytica Sues Facebook For Commercial Defamation?

Opinion | Mitchell P. Brook
Here's the hypothetical case based on publicly disclosed statements

Big Data Execs Have Allegedly Been Reaching Out To Cambridge Analytica Employees For Jobs Because They Think Facebook Controversy Is Exaggerated

Business | Eric Lieberman
'People think that we are the devil'

FBI Is Reportedly Probing Cambridge Analytica, Looking Into Business Associates

US | Eric Lieberman
Is Facebook next?

Facebook Audit: Thousands Of Apps Investigated, 200 Suspended For Mishandling Users' Data

Tech | Kyle Perisic
Facebook users may have given an app permission to collect their friends' data

Facebook Is Getting Sued For Collecting Your Data Without Telling You

Tech | Kyle Perisic
They're seeking $5 million in damages

UK Orders Cambridge Analytica To Turn In Data Or Face Criminal Charges

Tech | Kyle Perisic
Cambridge Analytica has 30 days to appeal the order

Facebook Researching Ad-Free Subscription Model To See If More People Will Join The Site

Tech | Kyle Perisic
2 billion users isn't enough, apparently

Cambridge Analytica Is No More

Business | Eric Lieberman
'Unfounded accusations'

Al Franken Cares About Privacy So Much He'll Speak About It Overseas

US | Thomas Phippen
His first speech will be in Europe, of course

Mark Zuckerberg's Prepared Testimony Omits Everything That Happened From 2008-2012

Tech | Virginia Kruta
'...slightly partisan and incomplete.'

Zuckerberg: Fixing Facebook Will Be A 'Multi-Year Effort'

US | Eric Lieberman
'A big shift for us'

Clinton Campaign Asked For Data On Users' Friends, Contacts

Politics | Audrey Conklin
'A work-around'

Hey, Zuck, Cambridge Analytica Wasn't The First Of Its Kind

op-ed | Scott Walter
Exploiting data to get your guy elected was old hat for the left

Sudden Consumer Data Outrage In The Age Of App Madness Is Bizarre And Dumb

op-ed | Cameron Smith
Companies have treasure troves of data about us and it's really helpful for everyone

Is Facebook Complicit In The Cambridge Analytica Outrage?

op-ed | Gregory Keeley
To date, government bureaucracies have proven inept at keeping pace with the media ecosystem

The Russia Probe Is Dying - Top Sen. Intel Dem Lets Slip #Resistance's Next Move

Politics | Christian Datoc
'We have to get our arms around this...'

Elon Musk Takes A Stand Against Facebook – Deletes Official SpaceX And Tesla Pages

Tech | Audrey Conklin
"What's Facebook?"

Are Dems Blowing The Cambridge Analytica Story Way Out Of Proportion?

US | Anders Hagstrom
Obama and Hillary did the same thing

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