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Bernie’s 2016 Foreign Collusion Is Unraveling Like A Bloomin’ Onion

Investigative Group | Andrew Kerr
'prohibited in-kind foreign contribution'

Respect For Free Speech Dwindles Under The Left’s Assault

Opinion | Michael Thielen
We are becoming desensitized to responses to speech that are completely inappropriate.

Liberals' Latest Effort To Resist Citizens United

Opinion | John Ryder
The outcome of a case in Oregon could have repercussions for free speech in the rest of the country.

A Federal Election Commissioner's Stages Of Grief

Opinion | Paul H. Jossey
If Commissioner Weintraub wants to continue to play hero, she should do so at a nonprofit.

McCutcheon: I Got What I Wished For. Did The RNC?

Opinion | Shaun McCutcheon
The RNC supported the McCutcheon vs FEC lawsuit, but now Democrats are out-raising them.

This Chart Shows How Much Lawyers, Bankers And Professionals Want Hillary Elected

Business | Robert Donachie
Business wants Hillary, if donations are an indicator

The People And The Power

Opinion | Dan Backer
This primary season has unquestionably demonstrated there is no amount of money that will convince voters to vote for someone they don’t want to vote for.

Follow The Money Trail: The DNC May Have Sold Access To Elected Officials

Opinion | Shaun McCutcheon
The Democratic Party is quick to talk about money in politics. But leaked DNC emails suggest that federal officials on the Obama administration's payroll were selling access to policymakers.

How Trump Could Be Pocketing His Own Campaign Money

Elections | Elena Weissmann
He claims to forgive his loans yet refuses to release the proof.

Foreign Donors Use Non-Profits To Influence Politicians, Experts Warn

Politics | Rebecca Rainey
'The American public is clearly exhausted in the influence of money'

Congressional Democrat Raises Cash With Vow To Let Boys Use Girls' Bathrooms In Public Schools

Education | Eric Owens
'We need to fight prejudice in all forms'

Sooner Or Later, Democrats Must Face Corruption In Their Own Party

Opinion | Michael Sainato
The rigged campaign finance system is the root source of dirty party politics

Trump's Seething Masses: Conservatives Are The Last Real Free Speech Advocates Standing

Opinion | Shaun McCutcheon
First Amendment issues aside, Trump does have some challenges. He needs to tone it down, as a matter of political strategy

Legal Complaint: Dem Congressman Fighting Dark Money Fails To Disclose Reliance On Dark Money

Politics | Kathryn Watson
Cause Of Action Institute files with the FEC

Solving Campaign Finance Problems Through The Tax Code

Opinion | Brad Crate
Make some campaign contributions tax deductible

Unusual Clinton Payments To DNC Create Conflict Of Interest

Politics | Luke Rosiak
'Out of the ordinary'

The 9th Circuit's Donor Privacy Case: Nixon In State Clothing

Opinion | Mark J. Fitzgibbons
Private tax information is shielded not just against public disclosure, but against government officials handling it

Citizens United Allows Everyone To Air Their Grievances

Opinion | Brian Walsh
Festivus means free speech for all of us

Freedom Caucus Forgets The Freedom Part

Opinion | Paul H. Jossey
Coordination rules impose the most stifling and perilous kind of political oversight.

Campaign Promises Vs. Reality: Taxpayer Financed Elections Edition

Opinion | Scott Blackburn
The truth is that this proposal is like so many past campaign promises: full of hyperbole, but destined for failure.

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