Child Fatally Shoots Herself When Reaching For Candy In Grandmother's Purse

US | Gabrielle Okun
A young girl in Florida accidentally shot herself while reaching for candy. Shutterstock

‘She just wanted some damn candy’

Ukrainian Rebels' Sweet Plan Went Sour

World | Lauren Eissler

They were just trying to give candy away

From The Archives: David Lee Roth Explains Why Van Halen Banned Brown M&M's [VIDEO]

Entertainment | Eric Owens

It’s MUCH more interesting than you probably think

Third-grader suspended for snorting Smarties at school

Education | Eric Owens

‘He said her reaction was like, ‘WHOO!’

Tootsie Roll keeps secretive profile, keeps analysts guessing - TheDC

Business | Geoffrey Malloy

Candy maker grows more mysterious as 92-year-old CEO Melvin Gordon grows older

12 killed as train slams into beachgoers in Spain - AP

World | interns

An express train barreling through a seaside station in northeastern Spain plowed into youths cutting across the tracks, killing at least 12 people

Chocolate thief sentenced - ABC News

| interns

Australian woman put behind bars for stealing 95 chocolate bars

The tax man drinketh - Q13 FOX NEWS

US | interns

New ‘sin taxes’ in Washington state will make picking up two six-packs cost a half-dollar more