Tesla will soon top Ford F-150 as most American-made car

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Completion of giant battery factory will give Tesla the top spot

Toyota recalls over 2 million vehicles in US - Businessweek

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Toyota recalls 2.17 million cars due to floor-mats causing unintended acceleration

Don't blame Toyota for electronic acceleration problems, study says - NYT

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that mechanical problems, like sticking acceleration pedals and floor mats, are to blame

Toyota recalls nearly 1.7 million cars - USA Today

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Toyota will recall almost 1.7 million vehicles for fuel leakage malfunctions

Toyota president says cars need to be better looking - LAT

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Toyota president Akio Toyoda thinks the company’s cars could use a makeover

Auto sales in US jump 11 percent from 2009 - LAT

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Although a large improvement over the recession-depressed level of 2009, last year’s sales still were the second lowest since 1982

Ford surpasses Toyota's American sales - Bloomberg

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Ford rocketed past Toyota in the U.S. with a 17 percent sales increase from 2009

Holiday shopping boosts automakers - LAT

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Automakers report sales gains in November

The world's first diesel-electric car - Bloomberg

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Peugeot is revealing the new model this week

Debate heats up over merits of GM bailout as IPO nears - TheDC

| Jon Ward

Critics maintain General Motors bailout sent wrong signal to big business as IPO nears

Obama to visit Ford plant Thursday - CNN

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Ford only U.S. automaker to refuse bailout

White House touts Detroit "success story" - CBS/AP

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The Big Three automakers have all announced quarterly profits for the first time in 6 years, and the White House is making sure we know it

GM's move away from 'government motors'

Feature:Opinion | Ken Blackwell

To be sure, there is an argument to be made for conservatives to actually root for GM continued failure. Presumably, this would lessen the odds that the government would attempt such a heavy-handed maneuver in the future

Bugatti Veyron still world's fastest production car - Wired

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Bugatti has set a new speed record when the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport reached 267.8 mph

Ford is ranked top-five in initial quality - The Daily Caller

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Domestic brand reaches top-five for first time in 25 years; Toyota tumbles

Take that Chevy to the levee ... and toss it? - NYT

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G.M. proposes leaving a car’s popular nickname in the dust

Chrysler's sticky situation - Detroit FREEP

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Car company recalls 25,000 vehicles over sticking gas pedals

Puts and Calls: ‘As goes General Motors, so goes the nation’ - The Daily Caller

Business | Tom Karol

Tom Karol examines federal government’s rescue of General Motors and the ongoing consequences of the deal

Union president defends lower wages - Detroit FREEP

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Gettelfinger defended the 2007 concession allowing Chrysler, Ford and General Motors to pay new workers about half as much as their veteran line mates

Labor unrest in China - NYT

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Nineteen thousand strike in push for income equality