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Why Gunlock Laws Make People Less Safe

A customer looks over a Glock 29 10mm hand gun at the Guns-R-Us gun shop in Phoenix, Arizona

They don’t reduce accidental deaths, and leave people more vulnerable to criminals.

'Matter Of Protecting The American Populace': Dr. Ben Carson Would Not Have Brought Ebola To The U.S.

‘We have to guard against worst-case scenarios’

Emails Shed Light On How The CDC Looked To Give A 'Shout Out' To Michelle Obama

U.S. First Lady Obama jogs with children at a back-to-school event in Washington

‘I see little balance and a lot of cheerleading’

The CDC confirms Michelle Obama's childhood obesity crisis is a myth

Michelle Obama (Photo: Jewel Samad/Getty Images)

‘The obesity rate among pre-school American children plummeted 43 percent over the past 10 years.’

HHS's failures extend beyond the obamacare website

Sebelius Phoenix.JPEG

A bureaucratic hangup is keeping the CDC from ordering the vaccines it says we may need.

CDC: More than 500,000 kids have lead poisoning

Lead Poisoning.JPEG

Lead poisoning can lead to lower IQ, cause behavioral problems and damage internal organs

Gonorrhea may soon be incurable, researchers fear - TheDC


Researchers have found a drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea in North America

Is your diet soda making you want to cry? - TheDC

Diet Coke

Researchers think there may be a link between your Diet Cokes and depression

CDC launches disgusting anti-smoking ad campaign - AP

Man smoking

Despite increased taxes and bans in many public places, the adult smoking rate hasn’t budged since 2003

FoodPolitik: Sensationalist claims of 'risk' only benefit special interests - TheDC Opinion

Sugary drinks such as non-diet sodas, sports drinks and artificially sweetened water are banned from being sold in vending machines.

CDC study found soft-drink sugars should be targeted less than previously thought

CDC: Young adults down 9 drinks when they binge - AP


Overall, about 1 in 6 U.S. adults surveyed said they had binged on alcohol at least once in the previous month, though it was more than 1 in 4 for those ages 18 to 34

Cantaloupe outbreak is deadliest in a decade - AP

Listeria illness traced back to cantaloupe takes lives across the country

Killer Cantaloupe - AP

Deadly listeria illness traced to Colorado melons

Fifty percent of Americans have sugary drinks daily - CNN


ABA: ‘sugar-sweetened beverages are not driving health issues like obesity and diabetes’

The CDC is subsidizing left-wing activist groups

A provision in Obamacare allows the CDC to distribute funds to groups that support radical nanny-state policies.

CDC funds fight against public health risks caused by climate change - TheDC

Public health has taken center stage in efforts to regulate greenhouse gases

FoodPolitik: Put Down the Margarine and Come Out with Your Hands Up!� - TheDC Opinion

Do we really need government to tell us what kind of butter or oil to use when we fry eggs?

E. coli scare forces lettuce recall - AP

12 people hospitalized, CDC looking into 10 other cases