California's Public Health Lies About E-Cigarettes Will Kill Smokers

Opinion | Dr. Gilbert Ross
An e-cigarette sits in a tray on the bar at the Henley Vaporium in New York City

Are they really this stupid?

All Hands On Deck: White House Convenes 27 Person Ebola Meeting

US | Derek Hunter

Quarantine of health care workers returning from Ebola nations main focus

Nigerian Man Vomits, Dies On Flight To JFK

Video | Derek Hunter

CDC quickly declared it not to be Ebola related, Rep. King questions.

Steve Scalise Leaves CDC's Frieden Stuttering Over Ebola Travel Ban

US | Sarah Hurtubise
CDC Director Frieden  testifies before a hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington

Frieden keeping his mouth shut

CDC Director Concerned About 'Porous' Borders... In Africa

Video | Alex Griswold

But he doesn’t have an opinion about U.S. borders…

REVEALED: Feds Knew Of High Ebola Risk For U.S. ... Obama DOWNPLAYED!

Politics | Patrick Howley

President still told the American people otherwise

CDC Quietly Lowered Critical Ebola Temperature After Nurse Became Ill

US | Chuck Ross

Lowered critical temperature from 101.5 to 100.4 degrees

COULTER: We'll Tell You How Dangerous Ebola Is After The Election

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

Everything the government says about this disease keeps being proved untrue — usually within a matter of days.

CDC: Sure Wish We'd Have Gone In Right After First Ebola Diagnosis

US | Sarah Hurtubise

‘That might have prevented this infection’

Americans Say ‘Gun Violence’ Is Criminal Justice, Not Public Health Issue, National Poll Finds

Gun Laws & Legislation | Guns and Gear
CDC instructor Satish Pillai gives guidance to Reed, chief medical officer for U.S. Public Health Service, and Marshall, chairman of pediatrics at University of Liberia's A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine, during a CDC safety training course in Anniston, Alabama

Ebola, Avian and H3N2 Flu, Measles, Scabies, HIV/AIDS and Center for Disease Control is worried about guns? This is just wrong.

New CDC Ebola Screening Wouldn't Have Detected First US Case

US | Sarah Hurtubise

‘Can’t make the risk zero’

How Many U.S. Cities Need An Ebola Case Before Preventative Measures Are Taken?

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
A Red Cross worker delivers food to an apartment unit at The Ivy Apartments where a man diagnosed with the Ebola virus was staying in Dallas, Texas

The CDC and other public health officials are underplaying the threat.

Team Obama SCRAPPED Quarantine Regulations Aimed At Stopping Ebola

Politics | Eric Owens

Bush era proposal would have given CDC power of ‘provisional quarantine’

Why Gunlock Laws Make People Less Safe

Opinion | John Lott
A customer looks over a Glock 29 10mm hand gun at the Guns-R-Us gun shop in Phoenix, Arizona

They don’t reduce accidental deaths, and leave people more vulnerable to criminals.

'Matter Of Protecting The American Populace': Dr. Ben Carson Would Not Have Brought Ebola To The U.S.

US | Brendan Bordelon

‘We have to guard against worst-case scenarios’

Emails Shed Light On How The CDC Looked To Give A 'Shout Out' To Michelle Obama

US | Chuck Ross
U.S. First Lady Obama jogs with children at a back-to-school event in Washington

‘I see little balance and a lot of cheerleading’

The CDC confirms Michelle Obama's childhood obesity crisis is a myth

Opinion | Patrick Basham
Michelle Obama (Photo: Jewel Samad/Getty Images)

‘The obesity rate among pre-school American children plummeted 43 percent over the past 10 years.’

HHS's failures extend beyond the obamacare website

Opinion | Derek Hunter
Sebelius Phoenix.JPEG

A bureaucratic hangup is keeping the CDC from ordering the vaccines it says we may need.

CDC: More than 500,000 kids have lead poisoning

Politics | Sarah Hofmann
Lead Poisoning.JPEG

Lead poisoning can lead to lower IQ, cause behavioral problems and damage internal organs