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The Percentage Of People Who Check Their Phones During Sex Will Shock You

US | David Hookstead
It's a lot...

Bill Murray Has Some Choice Words For People Who Can't Get Off Their Phones

Entertainment | Jena Greene
It's pretty hard to argue with him

These Collapsible Phone Grips Take Care Of Butterfingers For Less Than $20

Daily Dealer | The Daily Caller Shop
Less than $20 for a 3-pack, which is 50 percent off

New Study Confirms Widespread Phantom Phone Epidemic

Business | Ted Goodman
We have to make sure that we do not lose our sense of community

These Three Car Mount Holders Are All On Sale Today, And Somehow They Are All #1 Bestsellers

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
Makes you think

Parents Trump Children On Amount Of Time Used On Cell Phones

Business | Robert Donachie
Parents use media two-times more than their kids!

I'm Not Sure If You Are Into Wireless Charging Pads, But This One Is 60 Percent Off Today So I'm Letting You Know

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
The #1 most popular item in 'cell phones and accessories' category

States Should Lower Cell Phone Taxes

| Zack Christenson
They're regressive and hurt minorities disproportionately.

China Loves Mobile Internet More Than You

Tech | Reuters
China has 57 million new mobile Internet users

The Government Must Now Get A Warrant To Track Your Cell Phone

Tech | Josh Evans
'The obtaining of that data without a warrant is a Fourth Amendment violation'

House one step closer to banning cell phone convos in flight

US | Caroline May
'This bill is simple. When it comes to cell phones on planes, tap, don't talk'

'We can do this without Congress': Obama working to unilaterally impose tax on cell phones

Tech | Katie McHugh
'We are here to do big things'

Don't use your cell phone if you're worried about privacy

Tech | InternAdmin
Providers comply with most requests by government agencies, and the numbers are rising

Ark. congressman wants to disconnect $1 billion free cell phone program

Politics | Alexis Levinson
'You and I, taxpayers, shouldn't be paying for cell phones so someone can have a social life'

MetroPCS to sell phones with TV tuners

Business | admin
'For years, TV stations have been unsuccessful in getting cellphone companies interested in such phones'

Cellphone ban critic: NTSB has 'no business telling me how to drive my car'

Tech | Josh Peterson
The agency's vote was in response to an investigation of a multi-vehicle accident in 2010

Federal agency votes to ban use of electronic devices while driving

Tech | Josh Peterson
'Federal accident investigators recommended states ban the use of cell phones and other electronic devices by all drivers except in emergencies'

San Francisco needs to reach out and touch reality on mobile phone radiation

Opinion | John Stephenson
Cell phones don't cause cancer.

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