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Chinese Dean Bans Students From Tiananmen Rallies

Tiananmen Square Anniversary

‘Avoid bringing trouble on yourself’

Politically correct trigger warnings hit campuses nationwide


Danger! This article may offend you

The definition of censorship: University fines students $100 for talking to reporters


‘If this sounds completely stupid to you, join the crowd’

Former ThinkProgress writer: White House censored us

U.S. President Barack Obama looks at a computer with youths as he tours the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation Youth Centre and takes part in a health event in Cape Town

Former writer at liberal think tank describes White House ‘censorship’

GLAAD called for depriving 'hate mongers' of 'platform to spread anti-gay hate' [VIDEO]

Gay rights group targets political enemies for ‘accountability’

FCC media content probe doesn't seem to be happening


Is the regulator abandoning its plan to investigate news organizations?

You won't believe this newspaper's apology for mocking Obama in 'racist' cartoon

Crimson White's apology / Wikimedia Commons and Paint

Mild joke about Obama leads to unbelievable apology and censorship

Reddit politics moderators ban posts from Drudge Report, other political sites


Reddit claims it is fighting ‘spam, sensationalist titles, and low-quality posts’ by banning alternative media

White House exerting 'massive pressure' on insurance companies to keep quiet

President Obama holds a meeting with small business owners at the White House in Washington

One lost health insurance plan is a tragedy, but a million is a statistic

FCC plans to interrogate reporters, rank acceptability of content


Airwaves regulator will probe content, point of view and perceived bias in print, online and broadcast media

Student denied constitutional rights speaks out against college

Robert Van Tuinen/Youtube screenshot

‘I have not talked to them’

Campus cop stops student from handing out Constitutions ... ON CONSTITUTION DAY


‘Every single person enforcing this should have realized something was wrong’

UK internet service provider tells porn-haters to move to North Korea

Octomom in a trailer for her solo porno flick.

Cameron is using the children as an excuse to censor the Internet in the UK

David Cameron's naughty bits

Britain Northern Ireland G-8 Summit.JPEG

Users would need to ask ISPs to provide adult content

Student suspended for tweeting that school sports teams were bad - TheDCNF


Class president accused of ‘cyberbullying’

Police arrest student for wearing pro-gun NRA shirt to school

'What they're doing is trying to take away my rights.'

Aired on NBC News: 'We don't know sh*t'

As Brian Williams handed broadcast off to New England Cable News, a communication mix-up results in profanity being aired

Levin says 'fascist' GOP congressman is trying to have his show pulled off air in his district


Conservative talker threatens lawsuit over tortious interference of a business relationship