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Krauthammer Slams Obamacare As 'The Beginning Of Rationing -- It's Going To Get Much Worse'

‘I don’t know about you, but I don’t need lactation services’

'COVER-UP OF A COVER-UP': Krauthammer Reacts To New Benghazi Email

Doubts mainstream media will look into it

Krauthammer says Democrats will soon regret they stood by while Obama flouted the law

‘It’s going to establish a principle’ a Republican will one day exploit’

Krauthammer hails 'towering' affirmative action decision: 'Exactly the way you want to do it in a democracy'

Hayes: Sotomayor’s dissent ‘intellectual hogwash’

Krauthammer: 'The Clintons have a biological need to run and to govern' [VIDEO]

‘Unless there’s a biological obstacle, she runs’

Krauthammer calls for Mozilla 'counter-boycott' for firing CEO that donated to anti-gay marriage campaign

‘A level of intolerance that should be unacceptable’

Krauthammer: 7.1 million 'is a phony number, and it's wonderfully precise'

‘The majority of Obamacare is already on its way out’

Krauthammer: Mike Rogers' retirement 'dismaying if you believe in Congress'

‘An odd and puzzling move’

Krauthammer: New Obamacare delay 'cynicism raised to the level of comedy' [VIDEO]

‘Nobody really cares about it, apparently’

Krauthammer: Send weapons to Ukraine or risk future war with Russia [VIDEO]

‘Not a provocation if you give arms to the victims of aggression’

Krauthammer explains media's obsession with Flight 370: 'Capitalism at work'

‘They see the ratings and they go after them’

Steve Hayes: Rosy new Obamacare numbers 'virtually meaningless' without payment info

‘It’s amazing that the media reported these as actual enrollments’

Has Obama canceled the individual mandate? Krauthammer thinks so

‘It makes Obamacare itself the hardship’

Krauthammer savages Snowden's SXSW appearance: 'I don't want to be lectured by a traitor'

‘Americans ought to shun a man like that’

'Delusional': Krauthammer slams Obama admin's belief that Putin has 'blinked' on Ukraine

'He's lying through his teeth'

Krauthammer: Obama 'could not have issued a more flaccid statement' on Russian invasion

'Why did issue it at all?'

'An assault on the dictionary': Krauthammer mocks Obama's call to end austerity

'Reducing the deficit was never on the list'

Rand Paul's righteous NSA lawsuit

Sen. Rand Paul arrives for the Republican weekly policy luncheon on Capitol Hill

It’s time we ditched a precedent from the era of rotary phones.

Krauthammer: Obama admin 'robbing the people it says it wants to help' with minimum wage hike

'That's why the White House had to dismiss the CBO numbers'