Krauthammer: Obama Airstrikes 'Not Going To Make Any Difference' Without Weapons To Kurds

Video | Brendan Bordelon

‘There are obvious things that we can do, but this president is unwilling to do them’

Krauthammer: Obama Executive Action On Immigration Deliberate 'Impeachment Bait'

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘I think Obama is cynical enough to plunge us into a constitutional crisis’

Krauthammer: Israeli War Producing 'Resurgence In Anti-Semtism Not Seen Since The 30s'

Video | Brendan Bordelon

‘It is back. It’s all over the world’

Krauthammer Scolds 'Incomprehensible, Ridiculous' GOP For Failing To Pass Border Bill

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘At least the Republicans would have shown that they can do something’

American Leadership Means Being Clear About What We Stand For And Who We Stand With

Opinion | Carly Fiorina
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry talks with U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Bill Grant as he arrives in Tel Aviv

‘Our friends and allies have concluded they can’t count on us. And our enemies have decided they can ignore us.’

Krauthammer: Impending White House Amnesty Order 'An Impeachable Offense'

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘That’s what I think the White House may actually be softening people up for’

3 Big Things Americans Need To Remember Right Now

Politics | Matt K. Lewis

The other extremes — moral ambiguity, acceptance of a false equivalence, and appeasement, etc. — are not workable alternatives.

Krauthammer: 'Disinterested, Detached' Obama 'Unwilling To Say The Truth' About Shot Down Plane

Video | Brendan Bordelon

‘There’s no passion, there’s no interest in this’

Dr. Charles Krauthammer Tries To Diagnose Harry Reid

Politics | Katie Frates

‘You’ve got to wonder, you know, whether he’s really on his medication or not’

Krauthammer: Obama's Master Plan For Immigration

Politics | Katie Frates

‘I Don’t Think He’s Lost On This – He Obviously Was Never Serious’

Krauthammer Slams Obama For Calling Terror Attack A Mere 'Tragedy'

Politics | Katie Frates

‘A bus accident is a tragedy’

Krauthammer: If Obama Was A Republican He'd Already Be Impeached

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘I don’t think he cares’

Legendary Actor Slams PC Culture, Praises Krauthammer

Entertainment | Rachel Stoltzfoos
(Photo: Getty Images)

‘I just think political correctness is crap’

Krauthammer On Afghan Withdrawal: 'What Did Obama Achieve' With 2009 Troop Increase?

Video | Brendan Bordelon

‘The question history’s going to ask of him: Why?’

Krauthammer: VA Scandal 'Totally Dissolves' Idea Of 'Yes We Can'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

‘Can’t even run a decades-old, normal, absolutely mundane healthcare system’

More On The State Of Conservative Media

Politics | Matt K. Lewis
TV commentator Glenn Beck addresses thousands of supporters at his Restoring Honor rally on the US National Mall in Washington

Too much is never enough.

Krauthammer Slams Obamacare As 'The Beginning Of Rationing -- It's Going To Get Much Worse'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Sarah Hurtubise

‘I don’t know about you, but I don’t need lactation services’

'COVER-UP OF A COVER-UP': Krauthammer Reacts To New Benghazi Email

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

Doubts mainstream media will look into it