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Juan Williams: Lois Lerner took the Fifth to avoid 'this political frenzy generated on Capitol Hill'

‘People have a right to not be exposed to a browbeating unnecessarily’

Krauthammer: 'If there isn't a smidgen of IRS corruption, why did Lois Lerner take the fifth?'

Fox panel slams Obama for dismissing ongoing investigations

Krauthammer: New Christie report released 'in order to ruin' Super Bowl weekend for governor

Slams 'weaselly' language of both sides

Krauthammer: 'When Obama repeated Guantanamo, you knew he'd sort of run out of ideas'

‘Of course, he’s playing a very weak hand’

Krauthammer: Obama's threat to bypass Congress is all bluster

‘In the end, there’s very little he can do.’

Charles Krauthammer makes STUNNING statement on abortion

‘Roe ought to be repealed’

Why Charles Krauthammer's defense of the 'victimless' NSA is wrong

Charles Krauthammer

The program threatens no one unless it’s abused. Just like the IRS.

Krauthammer: Obama's NSA speech '90 percent smoke and mirrors'

'If I were a leftie, I'd be really upset'

Krauthammer on new Afghanistan revelations: 'How can a president commit troops if his heart isn't in it?'

‘It’s a question of conscience’

Krauthammer: America 'approaching European levels of chronic unemployment'

'That's never happened here'

CONSERVATIVE FIREFIGHT: Krauthammer, Hayes spar over minimum wage [VIDEO]

Krauthammer proposes two-tired minimum wage

Krauthammer names the NAUGHTIEST newsmaker of the year

‘Don’t cry for her, cry for us Argentina’

Charles Krauthammer EXPLAINS his faith

What does Krauthammer believe?

Juan Williams is sick of Obamacare critics: 'There's gonna be a big lump in all of your Christmas stockings'

'You're so invested in cursing out Obama and Obamacare'

'Deliberate attempt to distort': Krauthammer savages Obama over Iran sanctions politics

'Might be the biggest mistake he's made this year'

Krauthammer on new Obamacare rules: 'BANANA REPUBLIC LAWLESSNESS'

‘It’s a panic reaction’

An EXCLUSIVE tour of Charles Krauthammer's office

A rare treat

What historical figure did Krauthammer compare Nelson Mandela to? [VIDEO]

‘He never took the power to his head’

Krauthammer on war on terror: 'I do doubt I'll be around when it's concluded' [VIDEO]

‘Obama wants to pretend that we can unilaterally end this war’

Krauthammer: 'It's sort of touching the way Obama believes in the power of his rhetoric'

‘This president is now campaigning yet again’