South Carolina City Formally Apologizes For Slavery

US | Molly Prince
'This is the modern city council ...'

Watch Out! East Coast Tsunami Warning Turns Out To Be Error

US | Grace Carr
'Trying to find out how a message went out'

Cop Fired After Wearing Confederate Underwear Gets $55,000 Settlement

US | Rob Shimshock
The North Charleston police department declined to reinstate him

Police Confirm: Shooter Down In Charleston Hostage Situation

US | Anders Hagstrom
'Not an act of terrorism'

'Active Shooter Situation' In Charleston, Hostages Taken

US | Robert Donachie
Here is what we know...

FACT CHECK: Did Obama Neither Condemn Nor Disavow White Nationalists After The Charleston Shooting?

Politics | Kush Desai
'He did not call him a white supremacist'

Woman Rips Confederate Flag Off Man's Truck, Hits Him With Car

US | Justin Caruso
In Charleston, South Carolina

HIGH DRAMA: Dylann Roof's Mother Suffers Heart Attack IN COURT

US | Kevin Daley
Judge declines motion for mistrial

Dylann Roof Competent To Stand Trial For Church Massacre

US | Kevin Daley
Jury selection will resume Monday

Victims Of Charleston Shooting File Lawsuits Against FBI

US | Amber Randall
Lawsuits say Roof should never have been able to purchase a gun

Calhoun Lives: Yale Rejects Activist Push To Rename College

Education | Blake Neff
College 'masters' will become 'heads'

During The GOP Debate, Hillary Was Dancing ... Poorly

Elections | Christian Datoc
Get down with ya bad self!

Carson: Muhammad's Army Enslaved Girls And Killed Jews

Elections | Scott Greer
The doctor slams the prophet in Charleston

In One Year, Gun Owners Stopped Hundreds Of Criminals, Saved Countless Lives

Politics | Casey Harper, Ethan Barton and Luke Rosiak
Over 300 potential victims...

UNC Students Demand Removal Of Confederate War Memorial

Education | Blake Neff
'Tear it down, or we shut you down.'

PHOTOS Of The Biblical Flooding Threatening To Submerge South Carolina

US | Steve Guest
Water levels of almost biblical proportions

Duke Students: All White People Are Dylann Roof's Accomplices

Education | Blake Neff
'You held the church door open'

Two Graphs Show What Americans Care About: Planned Parenthood Vs. Confederate Flag

Politics | Connor D. Wolf
A crushing defeat

Prof Who Called Amy Schumer Racist Never Watched Her Comedy

US | Blake Neff
'Nope. Not at all.'

Academic: Constitution Censored As 'Confederate Symbol,' Offensive Text Moved To The Back 'Where It Belongs'

Education | Blake Neff
Implies printing the Constitution as-written helped cause Charleston

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