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Muslim Rapper With 'Jihad' And 'September 11th' Albums To Perform At Bataclan

World | Anders Hagstrom
'Crucifying secularists'

Charlie Hebdo Portrays Harvey Victims As Drowning Neo-Nazis

World | Jacob Bojesson
'A punch in the face'

Charlie Hebdo Calls Texas Flood Victims 'Neo-Nazis'

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

There Goes Charlie Hebdo, Practicing Free Speech Again

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Russian Military Blasts Charlie Hebdo For Cartoons Depicting Plane Crash

World | Ted Goodman
'Bad News - Putin was not inside'

Christian Writer Shot To Death While On Trial For Blasphemy

World | JP Carroll
Christian scribbler murdered in Muslim-majority Jordan

Paris Tourism Nears The $1 Billion-Loss Mark In Wake Of Terrorist Attacks

World | JP Carroll
Flooding and strikes didn't help either

'Three Days Of Terror' Trailer Relives The Days After Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
'The moment I started filming'

String Of Islamic Terror Attacks Punctuate Troubling Numbers Under Obama Admin

US | JP Carroll
Terrorism has killed over 130,000 since Obama took office

HALF Of France's Military Patrols The Streets To Prevent Another Terror Attack

World | Jacob Bojesson
Work 18-hour shifts

French Minister Resigns In Protest Of New Anti-Terror Laws

World | JP Carroll
French president is trying to enact constitutional reforms

#NotAllMuslims Run Into Paris Police Station With Knife And Fake Bomb-Vest, Meet Allah

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

France Honors Victims Of Charlie Hebdo Massacre At First Anniversary

World | Russ Read
Friends and family of the Charlie Hebdo victims gathered with French President Francois Hollande Tuesday to commemorate the first anniversary of the massacre that killed 17 people.

French Jews Require Soldiers To Live Safely

World | Russ Read
'Now we can be killed while doing our grocery shopping or walking in the street'

Media Outlets Desperate To Debunk Poll Showing 540,000 UK Muslims Have 'Sympathy' With Syrian Jihadis

World | Guy Bentley
Media outlets scramble to discredit poll showing support for ISIS

John Kerry Must Resign

Opinion | David Benkof
“Indiscriminate” attacks were on the first day of the Muslim battle month

John Kerry Commits Massive Verbal Blunder About The Paris Attacks

World | Jonah Bennett
'There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of - not a legitimacy, but a rationale'

Charlie Hebdo Releases New Magazine Cover After Paris Attacks

World | Neal Earley
'We put a lot of ourselves into this issue. We are leaving nothing out'

In Paris Aftermath, Salon's Chief Concern Is Conservatives

Energy | Andrew Follett's #2 story after Paris Attacks? "My friend asked me to shave his b*lls."

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