Charlie Sheen: 'Go F*** Yourself, Kim Kardashian'

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Well, someone’s not a fan of the Kardashians

Charlie Sheen Calls Off Wedding To Porn Star

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But why?

Charlie Sheen Pulls Knife On Dentist

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Not winning

Charlie Sheen Pledges $1,000 To Waiter Stiffed By NFL Player

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Twenty cent tip stirs up controversy

The Ten Best Mugshots Of Politicians And Celebrities

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They know how to make a good or bad mugshot

Charlie Sheen Also Goes To Taco Bell When Drunk

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Celebrities: They’re just like us

11 Criminals Who Would Be Fun As Members Of Congress

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Hey, we’ve all made mistakes

One of these 20 people could replace CNN's Piers Morgan. Who would you prefer?

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Morgan’s out, but who should be in?

Charlie Sheen reveals why he is 'the most cancelled guest' in 'Tonight Show' history

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You won’t believe Charlie’s excuses

8 celebs we wish we could party with

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From Rihanna to the Robert Downey Jr. from 12 years ago

These text messages between Charlie Sheen and Farrah Abraham will make you cringe

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Farrah Abraham and Charlie Sheen - Photos via Getty Images

‘maybe we can meet up for a play date with our children’

Lindsay Lohan makes smart decision, hell is frozen

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Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen

The actress allegedly turned down Charlie Sheen’s offer to ‘mentor’ her

Lindsay Lohan got a job!

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Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen

…on Charlie Sheen’s FX series ‘Anger Management’

Charlie Sheen will solve the ex-LAPD cop killer case [VIDEO]

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The actor made a video asking ex-cop and suspected killer Christopher Dorner to turn himself in

Charlie Sheen is going to be a grandpa [VIDEO] - Hollyscoop

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Charlie Sheen

The tiger blood runs strong for another generation

Punchline Lindsay Lohan mad that 'Scary Movie 5' trailer makes her life a punchline [VIDEO]

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Actress reportedly thinks the producers pulled a fast one on her in the editing room

Lindsay Lohan has no manners [VIDEO]

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Actress has not thanked Charlie Sheen for the $100k he gave her to pay off her IRS tax debt

Lindsay Lohan's $100k IRS bill paid by ... Charlie Sheen

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Lindsay Lohan Charlie Sheen

The veteran nut job cut the embattled actress a check to help pay her outstanding tax bill

Cop fired for escorting Charlie Sheen sues D.C. police department for $12M - AP

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Charlie Sheen

The actor is caught up in a lawsuit involving an escort — but not that kind of escort