An Auto Dealership's Cars Were Mysteriously Set Ablaze

US | Gabrielle Okun
'Plan of Action'

GM Says All Chevy Cruzes Sold In The US Are Made Domestically, But That's Not The Case

US | Alex Pfeiffer
Its statement came after Trump criticized them for manufacturing cars in Mexico

BYE BYE, BIRDIE: How Electric Cars Put Flamingos At Risk

Energy | Craig Boudreau
If they keep using the same methods to extract water, the consequences will be disastrous

SLIDESHOW: These Are The 14 Safest Cars For Teen Drivers

Slideshow | Christian Datoc
Check out the whole list

These 5 Cars Will Make You Feel Young Again [PHOTOS]

Tech | Philip DeVoe
Storied past, fast future

Hands-Free Feature Doesn't Stop Driving Distractions

Tech | Melissa Brown
'their minds are not fully focused on the road ahead'

Chevy Tells Corvette Owners Their Valet Surveillance Systems Might Be Illegal

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'Common sense would seem to dictate that there in no expectation of privacy while being in someone else's vehicle'

Dad LOSES It When Son Fulfills Promise He Made At 8 Years Old

Entertainment | Rachel Stoltzfoos
A '57 Chevy Bel Air for his 57th birthday


Tech | Grae Stafford
Chevy's electric car gets a make-over

Tesla Model S RACES 2014 Corvette Stingray

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Apple 'iOS in the Car' photos surface on Twitter

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
And it looks sweet

Obama hikes subsidy to wealthy electric car buyers

Business | Neil Munro
$10,000 rebate for Chevy Volt owners will help top 7 percent of income earners

GM recalling Chevrolet Sonics to check brake pads

Business | Kells Hetherington
A missing pad could require longer stopping distance, and contribute to a crash

Chevy Volt subsidy amps up wealthy

Business | Neil Munro
Average Chevy Volt owner earns 170k a year, entitled to large govt subsidies

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