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Wife Of Former NFL Quarterback Believes He Might Kill Her

Sports | David Hookstead
This isn't good at all...

Chicago Bears Pull Off Super Classy Move For Injured Player

Sports | David Hookstead
This is awesome

Another Backup NFL Quarterback Scores A Huge Deal, It Never Stops Being Funny

Sports | David Hookstead
That's a lot of money

These Are The Teams That Will Take The Field When Football Finally Returns

Sports | Katie Jerkovich
170 days until football is back!

Four NFL Head Coaches Get Canned On The Same Day

US | Henry Rodgers

The Past Couple Days Prove The Bears Are A Disaster Of An Organization

Sports | Jena Greene
It's ugly

Sounds Like Surgery Was Successful For Chicago Bears Tight End Zach Miller

Sports | David Hookstead
This is good news

Report: Doctors Conducted Surgery To 'Save' Zach Miller's Leg

Sports | David Hookstead
This is not good at all

This Harrowing Video Paved The Way For How All Sports Should Handle Domestic Violence

Opinion | Katie Frates
Esports' recent domestic violence incident a sign of unavoidable growing pains.

BRUTAL: Chicago Bears TE Suffers The Most Devastating Injury You'll Ever See

Sports | David Hookstead
WARNING: graphic video

Mike Ditka Says There's Been No Oppression In The Past 100 Years

Sports | Jena Greene
Do you agree?

The Chicago Bears Ran The Coolest Two-Point Conversion In History

Sports | David Hookstead
It's incredible

The Mitch Trubisky Era Has Finally Begun In Chicago

Sports | David Hookstead
We all saw it coming

Green Bay Packers Receiver Takes Horrifying Hit To The Head

Sports | David Hookstead
It was brutal

Fans Straight Up Ignore Green Bay's National Anthem Request

Politics | Derek Hunter
Players and coaches locked arms. The fans mostly did not

Bears Linebacker Jerrell Freeman Tears Muscle - Still Plays Amazing

Sports | Matt Candler
Unbelievable story

Chicago Bears Rookie Quarterback Poses For A Photo With Miss Illinois

Sports | Ford Springer
He's already a star in Chicago

Remembering Sweetness On His Birthday [SLIDESHOW]

Slideshow | AnnMarie Hilton
'Payton literally rewrote the NFL record book with his ball-carrying feats'

Everybody's Favorite Quarterback Retires From The NFL

Sports | David Hookstead
He already has a new job

Chicago Bears And Green Bay Packers Players Arrested After A Bar Fight

Sports | Ford Springer
Police had to use a taser during the encounter

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