Meteorologist Arrested For 100 Percent Chance Of Being A Pedophile

US | Christian Datoc
Justin Goldstein (Connecticut State Police)

Cops found tons of kid porn at his house

Appellate Court Upholds Scumbag Subway Pitchman's Sentence

US | Kevin Daley
Jared Fogle is led from federal court in Indianapolis, Indiana

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a 15 year sentence for the disgraced Subway pitchman.

Boy Scout Troop Leader, Rabbi Arrested In Pornography Roundup

US | Ariel Cohen

Over 71 child pornographers were arrested in the New York City area on Tuesday

Former PTA president busted for filming child porn inside elementary school

Education | Eric Owens

Victim was an eight-year-old girl; perp used an iPhone

This WEEK in American public school teachers busted for child porn

Education | Eric Owens

The country’s youth apparently isn’t in the best of hands

Criminal justice professor arrested three times -- in March -- for drugs, child porn

Education | Eric Owens

Judge denies bond to ‘dangerous individual’

Florida teachers arrested in child-sex sting - TheDCNF

Education | Robby Soave
Image courtesy of the Seminole County Sheriff's Ofice.

Suspects spread out across four different schools

Nuggets' Andersen target of child pornography investigation - AP

Sports | admin

Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen was excused indefinitely from all team-related activities after sheriff’s deputies searched his home Thursday

Former DC teacher wanted for child porn makes FBI's 'Most Wanted' list - TheDC

US | Alex Myers

FBI investigators believe the pervert may pose as a nanny or tutor online

Get the federal government out of policing crime

Opinion | Kevin Ring

Overlapping state and federal anti-crime efforts can produce some horrible injustices.

Anti-child porn bill may violate Internet privacy - The Atlantic

Tech | InternAdmin

‘It is arguably the biggest threat to civil liberties now under consideration in the United States’

Sen. Tester's campaign accuses CWA of lobbying against kiddie porn protections - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

Concerned Women for America had targeted Tester with a Montana ‘Spenditol’ ad

Bipartisan effort to crack down on child predators - TheDC

US | Caroline May

Legislation introduced to help law enforcement track child pornography offenders

21-year-old faces child porn charges over music video - NYT

| interns

‘It is a serious, a huge violation. He crossed the line when he used children.’

Obama Justice Department must probe child porn at MTV

Opinion | Ken Blackwell & Ken Klukowski

MTV’s new show, “Skins,” may contain child pornography.

Eric Holder's dirty secret

Feature:Opinion | Grier Weeks

The technology to detect and stop child sexual abuse on a massive scale exists. Why won’t Attorney General Holder deploy it?

FBI alert smears popular gift: the 'Video Girl Barbie' - NBC

US | Steven Nelson (admin)

The alert, warning of the doll’s potential use to film child pornography, was accidentally sent to the media; the doll has not been linked with any crime

Pentagon workers tied to child porn - Boston Globe

US | interns

Dozens of Pentagon staff and contractors are alleged to have purchased child pornography, some on government computers

Porn charge for Boy Scout head - WPBF

| interns

Police found at least 75 images of children between the ages of 6 and 10 years being abused on the computer of Gary Morano

Massive kiddie porn crackdown


A massive child pornography crackdown this week netted results all across Georgia, as authorities arrested 53 people, executed 80 search warrants and seized almost 300 computers in what is being described as an all-out effort to stifle the illegal business.