childhood obesity

Here Are America's Fattest States In 2015

US | Josh Fatzick
Where does your state rank?

Doctors Should Be The First Line Of Defense Against Childhood Obesity, Not The State

Opinion | Doug Werner
'Move over nanny, there’s finally a doctor in the house!'

Army Vet GOES OFF On Overweight People

Sports | Andrew Kadar
'Repulsive and disgusting'

The Puerto Rican Government Will Weigh Your Children

World | Evan Wilt
And maybe fine you too

Inquiring Bureaucrats Want To Know If The Movies Feature FAT PEOPLE

US | Eric Owens
'A discordant presentation about food, exercise and weight status'

The CDC confirms Michelle Obama's childhood obesity crisis is a myth

Opinion | Patrick Basham
'The obesity rate among pre-school American children plummeted 43 percent over the past 10 years.'

White House declares: First lady has reduced childhood obesity rates

Politics | Vince Coglianese
NY Times: 'Many scientists doubt that anti-obesity programs actually work'

Vilsack answers school lunch uproar with snack solution

US | Caroline May
Agriculture Secretary: 'It's not surprising that some youngsters will, in the middle of the day, be hungry'

'Let's Move' anti-obesity marketing firm pushes sugary drinks on teens

Business | Caroline May
SS+K now being paid to promote the Capri Sun Big Pouch that is 10 percent juice and contains 33 grams of sugar

Disney redesigning Epcot obesity exhibit after complaints

Entertainment | InternAdmin
Critics said the exhibit reinforces stereotypes that obese children are lazy and have poor eating habits

Obama comes back for seconds with annual 'Childhood Obesity Awareness Month'

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'Childhood obesity cuts across all cultural and demographic lines, so Let's Move! has started initiatives to reach every cross-section of America'

Food industry decries tighter rules on marketing to kids

US | Chelsea Whyte
Of the 100 most-consumed products in the country, 88 would have to be reformulated to meet the proposed criteria

Michelle Obama's Shake Shack meal tops 1,500 calories

US | Alexa Williams
'It's all about moderation'

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