Of course Chris Brown faked his court-ordered community service

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Los Angeles DA says Chris Brown faked community service

No ‘credible, competent or verifiable’ evidence singer completed community service for 2009 beating of Rihann

Chris Brown is just like Jesus, according to Chris Brown [PHOTO] - TheDC

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People Chris Brown.JPEG

The day after brawl with fellow R&B singer Frank Ocean, Brown tweeted drawing likening himself to Jesus on the cross

Report: Chris Brown punched Frank Ocean over a parking spot

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Chris Brown altercation with Frank Ocean (Photo: AP)

The R&B singer is at it again

Chris Brown and Rihanna are totally going steady again [PHOTOS]

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The pair were spotted putting on the PDA Tuesday night at the Lakers game

Rihanna basically confirms that she is back together with Chris Brown [PHOTO] - TheDC

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Ah, Rihanna. After a year of posting photos of her drinking and smoking weed on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, the pop star finally did the craziest thing of all when she shared this cozy snap of she and woman-beater Chris Brown who appear to be very much back together, which is a super great idea considering he sent her to the hospital in 2009 by repeatedly slamming her head into a car door. You nabbed yourself a winner there, Rihanna!

The pop singer posted an intimate photo of the man who once beat the living daylights out of her to Instagram

Chris Brown helps America, deletes Twitter account - TheDC

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Chris Brown deletes Twitter account after vulgar rant against Jenny Johnson

Read the gramatically-challenged tweets Brown sent before deleting his account

Classy gentleman Chris Brown dresses as a terrorist for Halloween

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Chris Brown

The rapper went to Rihanna’s LA Halloween party dressed as a member of the Taliban

Chris Brown fails drug test, judge seeks review of his probation - AP

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Chris Brown

A judge has ordered a further review of the pop star’s community service and travel to determine whether he violated his probation for the 2009 beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna

Chris Brown due to return to court in Rihanna assault case - AP

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Chris Brown in court

The pop star is scheduled to return to a Los Angeles courtroom for the first time in more than a year amid questions about his community service

Chris Brown, Drake sued over NYC nightclub brawl - AP

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Chris Brown, Drake

Nightclub seeks to hold rappers responsible for the bottle-throwing fight in June that led to the club losing its liquor license

Would you pay money to see Chris Brown and Drake fight each other? - TheDC

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Chris Brown and Drake

A wealthy businessman is offering the two rappers $1 million each to get into the ring, and pledges to donate another $1 million to a charity that supports battered women

Tony Parker may miss London Olympics due to eye injury - TheDC

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Tony Parker Cornea

The player did not practice with the rest of the French team Wednesday so he could see a specialist in New York. He will join them when he is cleared to fly between the States and France after July 5

Spurs' Tony Parker sues NYC club over eye injury - AP

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Tony Parker's cornea

Parker is suing for $20 million over a scratched cornea

Chris Brown and Drake fight over Rihanna - TheDC

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Chris Brown

‘Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!’

Rihanna apparently doesn't care that Chris Brown beat her up - TheDC

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Rihanna and Chris Brown

‘I’m still going to do what I want to do,’ she said

Georgia restaurant names sandwich 'Caribbean black and bleu' after Rihanna and Chris Brown - TheDC

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Rihanna and Chris Brown

‘Chris Brown won’t beat you up for eating this unless your name starts with a[n] R and ends with A’

Syrian dictator digs Blake Shelton, Chris Brown, LMFAO - TheDC

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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Bashar al-Assad’s leaked e-mails show he has awful taste in music

Chris Brown reportedly steals fan's iPhone [VIDEO] - AP

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Chris Brown

‘B**ch ,you ain’t going to put that on no website’

Rihanna, Chris Brown move past troubles, collaborate on two songs - TheDC

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From an outsider's perspective, Rihanna and "Kiss Kiss" singer Chris Brown looked like a happy couple, but Brown's rage issues proved to be dangerous and unacceptable. In early 2009, Brown was charged with assault and making criminal threats. TMZ went on to leak a photo of Rihanna's sustained injuries, for which Brown was reportedly responsible. News outlets began reporting that Brown had beaten Rihanna in a vehicle after the had a disagreement. The sordid story sparked a nationwide debate about domestic violence and abusive relationships.

R&B stars trade tweets, promote new songs, spark controversy

Chris Brown: 'I promise I won't beat you' - TheDC

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chris brown

Report: One woman was not impressed with the singer’s new pick-up line