Chris Brown Says He Felt Like 'A F***ing Monster' After Rihanna Assault

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Chris Brown

‘I thought about suicide…’

Chris Brown Just Went Off On Every Single One Of Donald Trump's Supporters

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Chris Brown

‘Who the f***…’

Chris Brown Accused Of Assaulting Another Woman

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He plead guilty to felony assault against Rihanna in 2009

Australia To Chris Brown: ACCESS DENIED

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R&B singer Chris Brown (C) appears in court for a probation violation hearing in Los Angeles Court on May 9, 2014 in Los Angeles

Find out why the country wants to deny the singer’s visa

Armed Robbers Raid Chris Brown's House, Lock His Aunt In A Closet

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Chris Brown's house robbed

Three men forced their way into the home

BREAKING: Chaos Outside New Jersey Hip-Hop Concert

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Several arrests made outside Hot 97’s ‘Summer Jam’

Morning Mirror

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Chris Brown Just Got Dumped On Twitter

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That’s embarrassing

Morning Mirror

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Singer Chris Brown ordered by Los Angeles judge into 90 days of rehab

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Chris Brown continues to do whatever he wants

Sorry you weren't invited to Bieber's strippers and weed party this weekend

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Snoop Lion, Floyd Mayweather and Chris Brown were, though

Chris Brown ditches Rihanna, 'can't be focused on wife-ing someone that young'

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Former girlfriend beater just wants to be ‘the best Chris Brown I can be’

Top 10: Hollywood's most hated celebrities

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There are plenty of famous people worthy of our hatred, but just who are the most hated of them all?

Rihanna injured, Chris Brown not to blame

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Rihanna Assault

Disgruntled fan was upset over rekindled relationship with Chris Brown

Here is proof of Rihanna making poor decisions at the Grammys [PHOTOS]

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Almost exactly four years after Chris Brown beat Rihanna on the eve of the 2009 Grammys, they seemed like a couple

Of course Chris Brown faked his court-ordered community service

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No ‘credible, competent or verifiable’ evidence singer completed community service for 2009 beating of Rihann

Chris Brown is just like Jesus, according to Chris Brown [PHOTO] - TheDC

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The day after brawl with fellow R&B singer Frank Ocean, Brown tweeted drawing likening himself to Jesus on the cross

Report: Chris Brown punched Frank Ocean over a parking spot

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The R&B singer is at it again

Chris Brown and Rihanna are totally going steady again [PHOTOS]

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The pair were spotted putting on the PDA Tuesday night at the Lakers game

Rihanna basically confirms that she is back together with Chris Brown [PHOTO] - TheDC

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Ah, Rihanna. After a year of posting photos of her drinking and smoking weed on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, the pop star finally did the craziest thing of all when she shared this cozy snap of she and woman-beater Chris Brown who appear to be very much back together, which is a super great idea considering he sent her to the hospital in 2009 by repeatedly slamming her head into a car door. You nabbed yourself a winner there, Rihanna!

The pop singer posted an intimate photo of the man who once beat the living daylights out of her to Instagram