CNN's Chris Cillizza Celebrates Their Effect On Trump And Thinks He Can Sway Policy

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‘We’re going to continue to talk about it’

Cillizza's CNN Op-Ed Critical Of Trump's Obsession With Winning

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Donald Trump is at National Press Club in 2014. (Photo: ShutterStock/Albert H. Teich)

‘A bit of armchair psychology’

Afternoon Mirror: Hate Mail Galore

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Chris Cillizza attacked Trump's 'willingness to jump to conclusions'

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CNN logo (Flickr Creative Commons).

Chris Cillizza attacked Trump’s ‘willingness to jump to conclusions’

Frm. Romney Spox Calls Out CNN's Chris Cillizza: 'Disingenuous and Shameful' [VIDEO]

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‘You’re being very political with a serious policy’

CNN's Chris Cillizza Did An AMA And It Went Hilariously, Tragically, Horribly Wrong

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‘Why did CNN hire a joke such as yourself?’

CNN's Perpetual Purgatory Of Amateur Hour

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The news network is in a credibility spiral.

This Is What CNN Focused On For 13 Hours Straight

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Even bringing back the birtherism controversy