CNN's Chris Cuomo Dismisses Prayers For School Shooting Victims As Worthless

Politics | Nick Givas

‘What kind of prayer is one that promises to do nothing’

CNN's Chris Cuomo Continues Gun Control Push, Attacks Trump's Tweet About School Shooting

Politics | Nick Givas

‘Obviously [Trump] doesn’t have the resolve to do anything about this’

Dick Blumenthal Defends Chain Migration As An 'American Ideal'

Politics | Nick Givas

‘Family reunification is part of the American ideal’

Mo Brooks Calls Budget Deal 'Debt Junkie's Dream,' Says It's The 'Worst Bill' He's Ever Voted For

Politics | Nick Givas

‘It passed. I wish it hadn’t. We are where we are’

CNN's Chris Cuomo Takes A Wrecking Ball To A Former Marine General's Intergrity

Politics | Nick Givas

‘What other chief of staff has survived anything close to this?’

She Almost Did WHAT?? Chris Cuomo Spills The Beans On His Last Interview With Nancy Pelosi

Video | Julia Nista

‘I get why you don’t want to reach out to Nancy Pelosi…’

Jim Jordan Schools Chris Cuomo On How Welfare Reform Works

Politics | Nick Givas

‘You should have to do something to get taxpayer money’