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MSNBC's Chris Matthews: Trump's An 'Eight-Year Old' Spewing 'Pyschobabble'

Media | Mike Brest
'Why does Trump behave the way he does?'

The Daily Daily Caller Podcast: A 'Supreme' Meltdown On The Left

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Chris Matthews nearly popped a blood vessel

Kamala Harris Predicts 'Destruction Of The Constitution' If Trump Gets Justice Pick

Politics | Julia Cohen
Trump SCOTUS pick would have dire consequences, according to Harris

Chris Matthews' Thrill Is Gone - Says Kennedy Retirement Is A 'Time For Vengeance'

Media | Amber Athey
'Reap the vengeance'

Colbert Defends Trump's North Korea Meeting To MSNBC's Chris Matthews

Entertainment | Mike Brest
'You have to hope your president succeeds in that condition'

The Future Of The Democratic Party, According To Chris Matthews

Media | Amber Athey

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Drools Over 'Purity' Of Anti-Gun March For Our Lives

Media | Amber Athey

MSNBC Commentator: Pass Gun Control Or The 2nd Amendment Will Become A 'Suicide Pact For All Of Us'

Media | Justin Caruso
Of course.

Chris Matthews Grills Joe And Mika On Their Home Life -- And Mika HATED It

Video | Amber Athey
'Who cleans?'

Chris Matthews Has A Lot To Say About Rob Porter -- Is He Forgetting His Own Harassment And Abuse Scandal?

Media | Amber Athey
We remember, Chris

Nancy Pelosi Is Giving Pocahontas A Run For Her Money -- Chris Matthews Calls Her An 'Ethnic Sort Of Person'

Media | Amber Athey

Chris Matthews Skips 'Meet The Press' Appearance Amid Harassment Scandal

Media | Amber Athey

New Video Shows MSNBC's Chris Matthews Joke About Drugging Hillary Clinton Before Interview

Media | Amber Athey

Terry McAuliffe Fantasized On Air About Dealing A Blow To Trump

Politics | Jack Crowe
'You’d have to pick him up off the floor'

MSNBC's Chris Matthews: Hillary Is Like 'An Old Girlfriend' Trump 'Can't Get Over In A Weird Way'

Media | Justin Caruso

Con Las Terroristas! Chris Matthews Compares Trump Children To Saddam Hussein's Children

Media | Amber Athey

Removing Trump Is A 'Left Wing Liberal Fantasy,' Says MSNBC Guest

US | Nick Givas
'Unless he starts barking at the moon'

TheDC Newsroom: Why Is The Lamestream Media Ignoring Chris Matthews Being A Sexual Harassing Perv?

Video | Daily Caller Productions
Yet another source confirms...

Morning Mirror: Hillary Clinton Aides Mock Trump For Being A Fatty

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

People Who Worked With Chris Matthews Refer To Themselves As Victims Of 'Battered Wives Syndrome'

Media | Amber Athey
'When he turns on you, look out'

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