Human Tracking Bill Passes House

Politics | Kerry Picket
U.S. Capitol In Washington

‘It is not unreasonable for a doctor or prosecutor to suggest that a chip just under the skin is non-invasive’

U.S. Laissez-Faire Foreign Policy Allowing Undue Chinese Influence In Djibouti

Opinion | Pete Hoekstra

The United States has an important role to play counterbalancing Chinese influence in Djibouti.

Congress Wants To Hit Assad With War Crimes Tribunal, Send Clear Message To Obama

Politics | Jonah Bennett
Syrian Volunteers

‘There is the potential to move forward in a way that would push back…the Assad regime’

State Department Does Not Know The Location Of Iran's Uranium

Video | Russ Read

‘We do not have concerns about Russian custody of this material’

Pending Senate bill will force Obamacare exchanges to disclose abortion coverage

Politics | Caroline May

Similar legislation pending in the House

Most Obamacare plans for Congress cover abortion

Politics | Caroline May

‘Only nine plans offered exclude elective abortion’

GOP congressman: Americans could unknowingly pay for abortions under Obamacare

Politics | Caroline May

‘Millions of Americans are likely to be unknowingly enrolled in health plans that include abortion coverage’

Mr. Affleck goes to Washington - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

In hearing on Capitol hill Tuesday, actor Ben Affleck testified on the need for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Bill restricting abortion draws outrage for 're-defining rape' - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson

Advocates for abortion rights are infuriated with a more limited definition of ‘rape’

The state of our unions

Feature:Opinion | Tony Perkins

The American family is in perilous shape.

My pledge for Energy and Commerce

Editorial | Rep. Fred Upton

Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) outlines his “carefully crafted vision” for the House’s Energy and Commerce Committee.

A referendum for repeal

Feature:Opinion | Rep. Fred Upton

Mr. President, the American people have spoken: it’s time to repeal the health care law.

U.S. officials cleared of violating fed law in push for Kenyan constitution - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

State Department report says U.S. officials did not lobby for abortion provision in Kenyan constitution

Kenyans say 'Yes' with controversial help from U.S. taxpayers - TheDC

US | Amanda Carey

Proposed constitution in Kenya overwhelmingly supported by voters, despite $23 million used to lobby, in part, for abortions

Mr. President: Bring us together ... Yes, you can

Opinion | Lanny Davis

I urge you to reject the conventional-wisdom advice to wage a partisan campaign, attacking the “just say no” Republicans and blaming a lot of our problems on the prior administration.

U.S. support of Kenya constitution now up to $23 million - TheDC

US | interns

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama may be pushing their pro-abortion agendas abroad

3 Congress members accuse US of funding Kenya vote - AP

US | admin

Kenyan Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Mutula Kilonzo denied to AP that the U.S. was illicitly giving funds to those supporting the constitution

Unlikely groups in Kenya received aid for 'yes' campaign - TheDC

US | interns

A closer look at the organizations in Kenya that are recipients of taxpayer money to support a new abortion-legalizing constitution

W.H. financing Kenya's campaign for pro-abortion constitution - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

New report contradicts statements made by U.S Embassy in Kenya calling allegations “categorically false”

Yes, We Kenya!

Editorial | Ken Blackwell

Most pro-life Americans knew the Obama order was a charade. We have had this administration pushing vigorously for abortion-on-demand from the first day they took office