Christians Should Impact The World By NOT Pursuing Power

op-ed | Phil Cooke
One of the most compelling aspects of the gospel message is that it undermines those in power

Iraqi Christians Celebrate First Christmas After ISIS Defeat

World | Joshua Gill
'Now, the cross is lifted again'

Joy Reid Compares Christian Beliefs To 'Something Out Of A Novel'

US | Julia Nista

Time For Liberal Jews To Stop The Christianophobia

op-ed | Karen Kataline
'He thinks it is terrible for Jews to believe that God gave Israel to the Jewish people'

Angry Gay Owner Unleashes On Christians Drinking Coffee In His Shop

US | Amber Randall
'Yeah, I like ass'

Iran Jails 12 Christians In Less Than 2 Months

World | Joshua Gill
'fearful of the growth of Christianity'

Chinese Vicar Tortured Nearly To Death For Refusal To Plead Guilty

World | Joshua Gill
'My father is barely alive'

Iran Arrests Christians In Latest Bout Of Persecution Against Church

World | Joshua Gill
'Unwarranted and unjustifiable'

Pastor Tortured In Vietnam After Reporting Abuse To US Officials

World | Joshua Gill
'Pastor Chinh has not committed a crime'

ISIS Insurgents Gun Down 'Belligerent Christians' In The Philippines

World | Ryan Pickrell
Duterte orders troops to 'crush' ISIS

Egypt Rounds Up Suspected ISIS Terrorists Over Church Bombings

World | Ryan Pickrell
Preparing for a military trial

ABC News Analyst Makes Absurd Claim About Christian Persecution

Politics | Peter Hasson
90,000 Christians died for their faith last year

Trump: Syrian Christians Will Be Given 'Priority' For Refugee Status

Politics | Kerry Picket
'They've been horribly treated'

Stephen Baldwin: 'Don't Get Distracted' By Trump Video -- 'Pray For Mr. Trump'

Elections | David Krayden
'Keeping our focus on what's important'

Thanks To Digital Advocacy Tools, Christians No Longer Alone In Taking A Stand

Opinion | Liz Anderson
Now conservatives can fight back, petition for petition, signature for signature, voice for voice.

As Christians Flee Genocide In Syria, 99% of Refugees Into US Are Muslim

World | Justin Caruso
Activists still want more.

Rep Wants To Force Obama Admin To Declare ISIS Is Committing Genocide Against Christians

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'The fact is the president made some scurrilous remarks'

ISIS Is TERRIFIED Of These Stunning Militia Women

World | Russ Read
ISIS fighters are afraid of more than one kind of bombshell

'Mother Earth': UN Draft Global Warming Treaty Promotes Gaia Worship

Energy | Michael Bastasch
The UN treaty also touts ' promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women'

New Government Report On Global Religious Persecution Is Grim As Ever

World | Ivan Plis
Christians among the world's most suppressed

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