MetLife to sell retail deposits to GE Capital - AP

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GE Capital Financial will acquire $7.5 billion in deposit

Fed proposes new, tougher rules for big banks - AP

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The rules are part of new regulation proposed under the Dodd-Frank Act

Issa issues first subpoena for Countrywide VIP documents - TheDC

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Darrell Issa’s first subpoena demands documents related to lawmakers’ special mortgage deals

Senate Ethics Committee dismisses Dodd complaint - AP

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Ethics Committee says allegation that Sen. Chris Dodd obtained a cottage in Ireland at a low price as an improper gift from a businessman is baseless

Conn. judge says WWE fans can wear garb to polls - AP

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The spokesman of Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, a Democrat, said such items could be construed as political given Linda McMahon’s candidacy

Beggar's banquet

Opinion | Bernie McSherry

Even as they accuse others of manipulative practices, nations are increasingly taking steps to weaken their own currencies in a bid to boost exports.

McMahon can 'make history,' Brown says - AP

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Sen. Scott Brown, who won his Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat in an improbable upset, rallies supporters of GOP candidate Linda McMahon in Connecticut

Conn. Senate race heats up with McMahon ad about Blumenthal's Vietnam gaffe - AP

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Connecticut’s two Senate candidates trade accusations about years-old embarrassments, just hours before their first face-to-face debate

Tea party or establishment, GOP looks for gains - AP

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Fresh blend of candidates could lead GOP to November victory

Wealthy political newcomers are spending big - AP

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A host of former corporate leaders are spending millions in their quest for elective office

GOP slams sweeping Wall Street reforms - AP

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Congress on Thursday passed the stiffest restrictions on banks and Wall Street since the Great Depression

Bank bill poised for final passage - AP

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Legislation will overhaul nation’s financial regulations, but with the support of only 3 Republican senators

Financial regulatory bill contains racial, gender quotas - TheDC

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Rep. Maxine Waters slipped in the language establishing the quotas in 20 federal financial services agencies

House on the verge of financial-overhaul vote - - WSJ

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Democrats trying to balance Republican appeal with moderate spending

Where’s the sunlight in Dodd-Frank bill?

Opinion | Sarah Field

President Obama wants to sign this legislation by July 4, pressing Congress to vote “yes” before America—and even Members of Congress—has adequate time to discover everything that’s in the bill

Dodd prepares to depart in triumph - NYT

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As the Connecticut senator prepares to retire, his peers hail his legislative accomplishments as the product of a politically pragmatic mentality

Senate passes financial regulation bill - The Daily Caller

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Senate passes sweeping financial regulation bill giving the federal government new powers

Blumenthal not the first to twist military record - ABC News

Politics | Pat McMahon

Past politicians have been accused of distorting or creating a military record for for electoral gain

The missed opportunity on financial reform

Opinion | Sam Zamarripa

Until there is legislation that limits the size of these financial institutions, the promises of reformers that their efforts will ensure against a recurrence of such devastating crises will remain empty

Puts and Calls: Good news for bankers, bad news for the climate bill - The Daily Caller

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Friday, Friday, Friday. Tom Karol has the end-of-the-week insights into the Politics of Business