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'COME ON!' GOP strategist goes after NBC's Chuck Todd for refusing to give Chris Christie credit

‘As a journalist, you should cover a day like yesterday’

MSNBC reporter: Palin would only run for president to make money

‘I think it’s a financial reason’

The Mirror Questionnaire With Richard Grenell


Mess with this guy at your own peril

Morning Mirror

morning mirror 7 x 3-2

Morning Mirror

morning mirror 7 x 3-2

Head in the sand: Moody's economist 'just doesn't believe' dismal December jobs report

‘I’m not paying any attention to it at all’

'A man on an island': NBC's Chuck Todd notes Christie abandoned by most Republicans

‘They’re saying ‘Hey, look who got their comeuppance’

5 dumb Christmas week tweets from the media

Dumbest Tweets of The Week

Journalists ask dumb questions too

RNC head inadvertently teaches Republicans how to talk about abortion

In the wake of Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, et al., Republicans are still grappling with how to talk about social issues

Age discrimination suit rocks NBC

April 30, 2013: President Obama is asked a question by NBC's White House Chief Correspondent Chuck Todd in the Brady Press briefing room at the White House. (REUTERS)

Former Chuck Todd cameraman claims Peacock Network threw him out for ‘young blood’

NBC’s Chuck Todd confused for Luke Russert

‘Unscripted With Chuck Todd’


Bath Time

bath time mirror 7 x 3

Petition: Chuck Todd must apologize for suggesting it's not media's job to sell Obamacare

AP Photo

Liberal petition against NBC News journalist passes 150,000 signatures

'A NIGHTMARE': Chuck Todd retches at the idea of NBC's Hillary series

‘The two entities are sometimes at war with each other’

Obama lectures MSNBC's Chuck Todd: 'You're incorrigible' [VIDEO]

‘Do you guys do this in the Israeli press?’ Obama asks with a smirk