How Many People Watched Two Geriatric's Debate On MSNBC?

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Bernie Sanders speaks directly to Hillary Clinton. REUTERS/Mike Segar

This doesn’t Depends on who you ask

'Today' Show: 'Near-Death Experience' For Hillary

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‘Let’s call it what it is. She avoided a complete disaster’

Chuck Todd: Hillary Was 'Wrapping Herself In President Obama' During Dem Debate

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‘Clearly designed to say, ‘Bernie Sanders, he’s not wrapping himself in Obama”

Trump: My Marital Past Is Fair Game To Discuss, Just Like The Clintons'

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‘I wasn’t dealing in the Oval Office, alright, big difference. I wasn’t the president’

Chuck Todd: Trump Has 'Hurt Himself' If He Wants To Be President

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The Republican Party is ‘afraid to confront’ Trump

Chuck Todd: Trump Is Filling The Leadership 'Vacuum' Left Behind By Obama

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Trump’s ‘strength’ is helping him in the polls

Does George Stephanopoulos Even Know What Gun Laws We Have Now?

Opinion | John Lott

Even if we put people on a list and prohibited them from legally purchasing guns, it’s not really that hard to get a gun.

Chuck Todd: 'I'm Just Perplexed At What The Heck Jeb Is Up To' Attacking Rubio

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Chuck Todd: 'I'm Just Perplexed At What The Heck Jeb Is Up To' Attacking Rubio [screenshot MSNBC]

Jeb has to look like a candidate for his attacks on Rubio to be ‘credible’

Fiorina Blasts Politicians For Releasing 'Detailed Plans' And Not Following Through

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‘Words on a piece of paper are more accountable than words said to people looking them in the eye?’

NBC's Chuck Todd: Environmental Left 'Dragged' Hillary And Obama To Oppose Keystone

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If you were for Keystone, you couldn’t ‘call yourself a real environmentalist’

NBC's Todd On Hillary's Poll Numbers: Benghazi Hearing Revealed 'Vulnerability' With The Electorate'

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Clinton ‘has a long way to go… when it comes to honest and trustworthy numbers’

NBC's Chuck Todd: Hillary's 'Interventionist Instinct In Libya' Is Going To Hurt Her

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Clinton’s record is ‘going to be difficult for her to defend’

NBC's Chuck Todd: Hillary Clinton 'Has No Good Answers' On Libya

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‘For 15 years, the State Department was told it had to improve embassy security’

Who Will Be Bernie's Running Mate? Not Chuck Todd

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‘Before I start worrying about who my vice president will be, let me win this one’

Hillary Flip-Flops: Chuck Todd Says Clinton Was 'Firmly Aligned' With TPP As Secretary Of State

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A ‘huge departure from the Obama administration’ now that she is against it

Chuck Todd: 'Chatter' For Biden To Run Because Democrats Fear Hillary Could Be The Nominee

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Questions remain about Clinton’s ‘electability and where she’s going to stand in the general election’