'Civil-Rights Republicanism' Is Identity Politics By Another Name

Opinion | Scott Greer
People walk past a banner with the Republican party logo at the Republican National Committee (RNC) summer meetings in Cleveland

A new proposal for minority outreach makes no sense at all

Republicans Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Selma

Opinion | W. James Antle III
A sign in Selma, Alabama

It’s the GOP’s history too

Mementos Reveal Civil Rights Icon’s Exposure To Armed Self-Defense

Gun Laws & Legislation | NRA ILA
Black History Rosa Parks Statue.JPEG

Before the catchy “Black lives matter” phrase there was armed self-defense that protected those lives

Who Suffers? Race Riots, Then And Now

Opinion | Jonathan Bean
Protesters sit in the street as a police helicopter circles overhead during a demonstration in Emeryville, California

The police are failing to protect property owners.

Obama pushes Rosa Parks off the bus [PHOTO]

Politics | Neil Munro
Democrat Bull Connor would be amused

Limbaugh: Modern-day civil rights movement 'bastardization' of what MLK stood for

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘It’s about a never-ending race battle’

For MLK, Obama pushes diversity as GOP pushes color-blind policies

Politics | Neil Munro
Martin Luther King March On Washington

Bush: ‘There’s still a need … to help hasten the day when Dr. King’s vision is made real in every community’

COULTER: O'Reilly's bad history

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

JFK and Bobby Kennedy were, at best, reluctant friends of civil rights.

Lil Wayne's Emmett Till lyric sparks debate in hip-hop community

Entertainment | David Daniels
Super Bowl - Lil Wayne

‘The current state of hip hop is an intellectual vacuum’

ANN COULTER: White liberals tell black lies about civil rights

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

Democrats have the history of the civil rights movement exactly wrong.

Appeals court affirms sacking of college administrator over gay rights op-ed

Education | Eric Owens
University of Toledo Mactropy CC

‘I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a Black woman’

ANN COULTER: Liberals can't break 200-year racism habit - TheDC Opinion

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

Democrats spent the first century of this country’s existence refusing to treat black people like human beings, and the second refusing to treat them like adults.

Coulter: Al Sharpton 'may be the only black person who will not really like this book' - TheDC

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
Coulter Mugged cover

‘The true history of the Democrats and black Americans is one Democrats should be ashamed of’

Just a charade: Unionization as a 'civil right'

Opinion | Michael Giles & Jessica Miller

The civil-rights rhetoric of union leaders isn’t in line with reality.

Do detained illegal immigrants deserve medical treatment?

Opinion | Jeffrey Scott Shapiro

They arguably receive worse medical treatment than rapists and murderers.

Former Rep. Artur Davis: Most blacks don't equate gay rights with civil rights - TheDC

Ginni Thomas | Paul Conner

Artur Davis: Most blacks don’t equate gay rights with civil rights [VIDEO]

Title IX swings wildly at invisible enemy

Opinion | Neal McCluskey

The law, which turns 40 on Saturday, prohibits gender discrimination in federally funded education activities.

Stand Your Ground laws and the dignity of human life

Guns and Gear | AWR Hawkins, Ph.D.
Neighborhood Watch.JPEG

Why the controversial self-defense laws are so important.