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Supremes Say California Law Making Pro-Life Groups Promote Abortion Is Probably Unconstitutional

Politics | Kevin Daley
Justice Thomas leads closely divided Court

Watch Justice Thomas Talk About The Importance Of His Faith

Education | Kevin Daley
'I am decidedly and unapologetically Catholic'

You'll Love What Justice Sotomayor Has To Say About Justice Thomas

Politics | Kevin Daley
'I can stand here and say ...'

Justice Thomas Put The Supreme Court On Blast For Refusing To Address The Second Amendment

Politics | Kevin Daley
'The Second Amendment is not a 'second-class right'

Clarence Thomas Decries Victimhood Culture In Rare Public Remarks

Politics | Kevin Daley
'We're going to be fatigued'

A Decade Later, Supreme Court Sanctions Arrests At THE Most Ratchet House Party

Politics | Kevin Daley
Justice Thomas called it "utter bacchanalia"

Read The Transcript Of Our Intimate Interview With Justice Clarence Thomas

Politics | Kevin Daley
'It's always between God and me'

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s Everything You Wanted To Know About Justice Clarence Thomas

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas
'Stand up'

Anita Hill Will Head Hollywood Hunt For Sexual Harassers

US | David Krayden

Justice Thomas Says This On Anthem Kneelers In Rare TV Interview

Media | Kevin Daley
'What binds us?'

It Only Took A Year: Clarence Thomas In At Black History Smithsonian

US | Kevin Daley
New exhibit honors black SCOTUS justices

Kaepernick Makes Black History Smithsonian Before Clarence Thomas

Politics | Kevin Daley
Museum denies litmus tests

Is Lindsay Lohan A Constitutional Originalist?

US | Kevin Daley
Lohan signals support for originalism

Justice Thomas Calls Out The Supreme Court For Not Believing In The Second Amendment

US | Thomas Phippen
'The right to bear arms extends to public carry'

SCOTUS Sides With Immigrant In Plea Bargain Dispute

Politics | Kevin Daley
Thomas warns of 'dire consequences' for criminal justice

Hostility To Asset Forfeiture Growing On Supreme Court

US | Kevin Daley
Justices look to reign in abusive practices

SCOTUS Redistricting Decision Put Interests Of Democrats Before Rule Of Law

Opinion | John Ryder
The court ignored precedent and separation of powers in the North Carolina redistricting case.

If Even Clarence Thomas Is Fed Up With North Carolina Republicans...

Opinion | David Benkof
Race is irrelevant to electoral politics. What’s wrong with the Tar Heel State?

New Email Sheds Light On Gorsuch's View Of Major Precedent

Politics | Kevin Daley
'I am blown away by Thomas’ dissent'

Ginsburg Keeps Streak Alive, Skip Address Given By GOP President

Politics | Kevin Daley
Notorious RBG indeed

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