climate change

Shocking New Evidence Shows Activist Resolutions Add No Shareholder Value

Opinion | Nan Bauroth
'Society is demanding that companies ... serve a social purpose'

Notice To Anti-Energy Extremists: Yes, Damaging Infrastructure And Energy Equipment Is Illegal

Opinion | Brydon Ross
Putting people and the environment at risk

Rising Sea Levels May Present Risk To Our Coasts, Infrastructure and Economy

op-ed | Steven Hilding
The effects have been a 200-percent increase in flooding

Trudeau Tells NYU Students ‘Anthropogenic Climate Change Is Real’

Education | David Krayden
'Diversity doesn't have to be a weakness'

Climate Change Lawsuits: Please Excuse Us For Living

op-ed | Robert Bradley
Such nuisance litigation promotes a people-last, prosperity-last agenda

What Does A Weatherman Know About Settled Climate Science?

op-ed | Anthony Sadar
The argument demonstrates the lack of understanding

University Losing Funding Over Honorary Degree To Radical Environmentalist

Energy | David Krayden
‘It will probably be the most expensive degree ever granted by the university.’

Science Journalist Considered Not Having Children Due To Climate Change

US | Gabrielle Okun
'Carbon-intensive activity'

Canadians' Belief In Climate Change Agenda Fading

Energy | David Krayden
'Pretty clear'

Canadian Environment Minister Has 'No Time' For Politicians Who Question Climate Change

Energy | David Krayden
'I have conversations with them all the time'

New York Times Columnist Warns Of Climate Change While On Company's Global Private Jet Tour

Politics | Derek Hunter
Tickets cost $135,000 per person

Total Remake: Schwarzenegger Wants To Sue Big Oil For 'First Degree Murder'

Politics | David Krayden
'No different from the smoking issue'

Anti-Exxon Academic Complains After An Expert Calls Out His Biased Research

Energy | Chris White
'We fully stand by our conclusions'

The Coming Global Forest Regrowth

op-ed | Steve Goreham
The great news is that world forests will be growing on net within the next few decades.

Hillary Clinton Returns From The Woods With An Important Message -- 'Climate Change' Is SEXIST

Politics | Justin Caruso

Don Cherry Body Checks ‘Cuckaloos’ Who Believe In Climate Change

World | David Krayden

Sic 'Em On The Oil Industry - Climate Change Activist Uses Scare Tactics To Get His Way

op-ed | Nicholas Waddy
Obey McKibben, or potentially everyone dies! At least that's what he thinks.

Technology Advances Civilization. Bureaucrats Do Not

op-ed | Rep. Lamar Smith
By focusing our resources on basic research, we can find solutions that meet our needs

Two Minutes To Midnight: Imaginary Doomsday Clock Warns The End Of Humanity Is Near

World | Ryan Pickrell
Trump blamed for move toward destruction

Obama's DHS Sec. Went On MSNBC And Ranted About Climate Change Being 'A Security Threat'

Media | Julia Nista
Take a bow, Jeh Johnson

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