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Schweikert, Club for Growth misleading Ariz. primary voters with anti-Quayle mailers? - TheDC

Anti-Quayle Attack Mailer

Member-on-member race gets nastier

GOP Senate hopeful blasts Club for Growth - TheDC

Wisconsin Senate Hovde

Says small government group is putting ‘personal connections’ before principle in Wisconsin primary fight

Lawmakers, activists ratchet up pressure on GOP leaders for full 'death tax' repeal - TheDC

Estate Tax

With January expiration of Bush tax cuts, estate tax set to rocket to 55 percent in January

Club for Growth: GOP freshmen have strayed from tea party roots - Roll Call

Allen West

Allen West gets a 64 percent rating for voting for debt ceiling increase and against spending cuts

Club for Growth threatens to outspend House leadership in Ariz. primary race - TheDC

Payroll Tax

‘Aside from the party committees, last cycle, no one raised more money for the Republican candidates’

Romney: Spending cuts alone would hurt growth - TheDC

Romney 2012

‘If you just cut, if all you’re thinking about doing is cutting spending, as you cut spending you’ll slow down the economy’

Name drop: Perry attempts to harness Limbaugh, Levin star power - TheDC

Rush Limbaugh

Iowa and New Hampshire radio ad cites Limbaugh, Levin, Club for Growth, Wall Street Journal

Texas GOP Senate candidate says he's no Rubio, his father fought for Castro - TheDC

Rubio Family.JPEG

Ted Cruz’s campaign says the candidate has been honest about his family’s story, accuses GOP front-runner of fanning controversy’s flames

Club for Growth president: Romney should 'be more bold' with economic plan - TheDC

Mitt Romney Opens Nevada Campaign Headquarters In Las Vegas

‘We haven’t made any decisions about [an endorsement] at this point, but we clearly like Perry’s plan’

Club for Growth supports Perry economic plan, knocks Romney - TheDC

Republicans Whos on Top.JPEG

‘Conservatives looking for a champion to carry the banner of a pro-growth tax reform will surely rally behind this bold proposal’

Club for Growth chief backs '9-9-9' - TheDC

Cain 2012.JPEG

Herman Cain’s economic plan gets a coveted nod

Huntsman supports China currency bill opposed by Club for Growth - TheDC

Huntsman 2012

Influential conservative group warned presidential candidates on Thursday to oppose ‘anti-trade’ bill

Democrats open fire on Senate candidate Tommy Thompson - TheDC

Tommy Thompson

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee labels him big-government spender

Club for Growth gives Perry generally favorable review, with some caveats - TheDC

Perry 2012

‘It is likely that Rick Perry would seek to move the country in a much more pro-growth direction’

Club for Growth: We still hate Boehner's plan - TheDC

Debt Showdown

‘The Club opposes the new Boehner Plan and we urge all members to vote against it’

Club for Growth calls out Republicans in new video ad - TheDC

‘We already have one party committed to bigger government. We don’t need another’

Club for Growth examines Bachmann's voting record - TheDC

Bachmann Iowa

‘We are confident that Congresswoman Bachmann would be a pro-growth president’

In contrast to new report, Club For Growth defended Romney in 2007 - TheDC

RomneyCare Signing

Romney ‘was forced to contend with a liberal Legislature that rejected many of his positive reforms,’ 2007 report says

Club for Growth calls Santorum's record strong -- at times - TheDC

Santorum 2012

New report says sometimes politics trump principle for former Pennsylvania senator