CNN's Wolf Blitzer Wrecks Comparison Between Detention Centers And Concentration Camps

Politics | Mike Brest
'My grandparents were murdered at Auschwitz'

CNN Reports That Sarah Sanders Didn't Want To Do Briefing -- She CALLS OUT The Reporter By Name And Makes Him Regret It

Media | Justin Caruso

CNN Devotes Entire Segment To The Dangers Of Video Game Addiction

Tech | Nick Givas
'It can cause the same kind of euphoria [as drugs]'

Ex-CIA Chief Defends Decision To Tweet Picture Of Concentration Camp To Prove Point On Immigration

Politics | Nick Givas
'I apologize to anyone who may have felt offended'

Rudy: Recent Pardons Not A Signal To Embattled Trump Aides

Politics | Kevin Daley
'It's certainly not intended that way'

CNN Analyst Brian Karem Refuses To Apologize For His Toddler-Like Meltdown At Sarah Sanders

Media | Amber Athey

CNN, MSNBC Bury IG Report's Finding That FBI Agents Improperly Received Freebies From Reporters

Media | Amber Athey
Wonder why?

'Just Think About What's Happened' -- CNN Commentator Nearly Sheds Tears On Live Television Over Trump

Media | Amber Athey

CNN's Van Jones Challenges Christians To Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is On Illegal Immigration

Politics | Nick Givas
'I don’t want to scar children'

John Harwood IG Gloat Cut Short By Fact Check From CNN's Jake Tapper And Laura Jarrett

| Virginia Kruta
'Here's the problem...'

Graham Says Screw The Critics On Working With Trump – 'I Don't Give A Sh**'

US | Julia Nista
'I'm doing what's best for the country'

CNN's John Avlon Slams Rudy Giuliani For Calling For An End To Mueller Probe

Politics | Nick Givas
'Rudy knows in his heart of hearts, it isn’t about that'

Trump Calls Out CNN Over North Korea Fake News In Front Of The White House

US | Julia Nista
In an interview in front of the White House with Fox and Friends Friday morning, President Trump called out CNN over their coverage of his summit in Singapore with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

'It's Hard For You To Understand Even Short Sentences' -- Sarah Sanders Lights Up CNN's Jim Acosta

Media | Amber Athey
'Please don't take my words out of context'

Ben Ferguson Eviscerates Bob Corker In Epic Rant

Media | Christopher Smith
'Bob Corker was a fraud'

No Goodbye In Sight For The Head Of CNN -- Zucker To Stay Through 2020 Election

Media | Julia Nista
He's set for elections

Hannity Crushes CNN, MSNBC Combined In Views

Media | Julia Nista
Not even close

Puerto Rico Releases Partial Records Of Hurricane Maria Death Toll After Lawsuit

US | Julia Nista
Higher than the official tally

Body Language Expert: Trump Established 'Dominance' In Meeting With Kim Jong Un

Politics | Amber Athey

CNN's Jim Acosta Defends Shouting Questions At Kim Jong Un After Near-Universal Backlash

Media | Amber Athey
'I could not have thought of anything else better to ask'

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