Consumers Will Bear The Brunt Of Trump's Decision To Support Unprofitable Coal And Nuclear Plants

Opinion | Liam Sigaud
To the tune of billions of dollars per year

Maintaining America's Fleet Of Coal And Nuclear Plants Is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY For Energy Security

op-ed | Keith J. Rothfus and David B. McKinley
Renewable energy still relies heavily on the whims of Mother Nature and taxpayer subsidies

Draining The Swamp Does Not Include Energy Subsidies

op-ed | Stacy Washington
Over 80 percent of Americans' electrical needs are filled by coal production

The Trump Administration May Not Be Rescuing Struggling Coal Plants

Energy | Jason Hopkins

Trump Reminds West Virginia What Bill And Hillary Think Of 'Coal People' - Crowd Goes Fracking Nuts

Politics | Christian Datoc
'That was not a good day.'

Trump: 'Coal Miners Have Been Mistreated,' But Not Anymore

Energy | Chris White
'Buy coal'

Not All Democrats Are Trying To Throw Coal Country Under A Bus

op-ed | Jared Whitley
Wouldn’t it be great to give other developing nations cleaner energy?

WaPo Worries West Virginia Paper's Death Will Mean Less Anti-Coal Coverage

Energy | Chris White
'Played an important role in checking the industry’s power'

REPORT: China's Goal To Kill Coal Is Making Citizens’ Lives A Living Hell

Energy | Chris White
A brutal crackdown is creating a raging black market in coal

Coal Helps Developing Countries Fight Poverty And Disease. Quit Whining About It

op-ed | Vijay Jayaraj
Coal-powered conventional electricity faces a severe threat from environmentalists

Top Regulator Makes Obvious Point About Coal's Effect On Grid During Winter Blasts

Energy | Chris White
'[C]oal was a key contributor'

US Shift From Coal Is Eroding Job Opportunities In Rural America

Energy | Chris White
'The power sector is just not going to contribute to the economy'

Enviros Freak Out As Germany Makes About-Face On Anti-Coal Campaign

Energy | Chris White
'It is disheartening'

Energy Giant Calls Out Trump Appointees For Dinging Plan To Subsidize Coal

Energy | Chris White
'Trump should ... remove those who fail to do their jobs'

Australian Coal Plant Scheduled For Shutdown Prevents Widespread Blackouts

Energy | Chris White
'Government’s only plan'

US Shatters All-Time Record For Natural Gas Usage During Arctic Freeze

Energy | Chris White
Prices for natural gas skyrocketed

Coal Remains Critical To National Security Strategy

op-ed | Tom Harris
Climate scare must be debunked if coal is to recover

GE Blames War On Coal For Decision To Slash 12,000 Manufacturing Jobs

Energy | Chris White
'Volumes are down significantly'

Report: China's Anti-Coal Crusade Leaves Country's Poorest Freezing

Energy | Chris White
'It is very cold, but there’s nothing we can do'

Financially Strapped Energy Companies Push Hard For $65 Billion To Prop Up Coal

Energy | Chris White
'This tax idea is designed to help the entire coal fleet'

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