Flight Attendant Caught Attempting To Smuggle 70 Pounds Of Cocaine Remains At Large

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BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - APRIL 24:  Confiscated bags containing cocaine are displayed at the Brussels Federal Police station on April 24, 2007 in the Belgian capital Brussels. 350 kg of marijuana and 15 kg of cocaine were seized in downtown Brussels. The marijuana was ready to be transported to the UK in plastic tubes. In a sceond seizure an African was caught at Brussels airport having swallowed 90 capsules containing 15 grams of cocaine each.  (Photo by Mark Renders/Getty Images)

‘You’re talking about $2 million worth of cocaine’

Texas Sixth Graders Are Now Learning How To Cultivate And Sell COCAINE

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Large crystals of crack cocaine are pictured in this undated handout photo courtesy of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. REUTERS/US DEA/Handout via Reuters

‘I felt like they were giving my kid a diagram of how to become a drug dealer’

Watch Pope Francis React To Getting A Statue Of Jesus Crucified On A HAMMER AND SICKLE

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ivan Plis

Also, he got a little bit high

Legalize Cocaine: The Real Way To End Drug War Violence In Colombia

Opinion | Bill Frezza
Colombian soldiers stand guard at a street in Caloto

This new group is organizing to legalize production and export.

Headmaster Of $39,475-Per-Year School Attended HONOR CODE Assembly After Drug Bust With Brittney The 21-Year-Old

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KTVU screenshots

The Branson Honor Code is all about ‘honor and integrity’

Cops Find Headmaster Of $39,475-Per-Year School With Mounds Of Drugs And A Passed-Out 21-Year-Old Named Brittney

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Woody Price definitely knows how to throw a hotel room party

$48 million worth of cocaine found on Japan beach

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Kanagawa police seized $48 million worth of cocaine Tuesday. (Photo: FNN News.)

It’s the 80’s all over again in Japan

Study: Oreos are more addictive than cocaine

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Kraft Foods

Could this be TRUE? Some scientists smell a rat

Arianna Huffington's daughter reveals that she had a pretty boring coke addiction

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lines of cocaine

‘You can have financial resources and you can still feel that pit of loneliness and emptiness’

No White Christmas in New York: Police seize 100 pounds of cocaine - TheDC

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New York State Police brought down a drug trafficking ring in a dramatic bust

Trump adviser knocks down speculation that Obama revelation is about cocaine

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Trump-Celebrity Apprentice

‘Mr. Trump’s announcement is substantially more important to the American people’

Brazilian city council candidate passes out cocaine in exchange for votes

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32-year-old Carme Cristina da Silva Lima was a city council candidate for the northwestern Brazilian city of Itacoatiara

Women smuggle cocaine in hair weaves - TheDC

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Kiana Howell was arrested for smuggling cocaine into JFK airport Sunday

The two women, Kiana Howell and Makeeba Graham, were fidgety during routine questioning by Customs and Border Protection

Toddler ingests cocaine, arrest warrants issued for grandmother and boyfriend - TheDC

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13-month old boy takes in cocaine, which was sitting on a table inside his grandmother’s house

Boehner compares federal government to a 'cocaine addict' [VIDEO] - TheDC

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‘At this point, giving this government more revenue would be like giving a cocaine addict who wants to quit more cocaine’

Police say no crime occurred in Houston's death - AP

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Whitney Houston

Coroner officials ruled heart disease and cocaine use contributed to singers death

Houston died from drowning, coroner says [VIDEO] - AP

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Heart disease and chronic cocaine use contributed to the singer’s death Feb. 11

David Cross: I snorted cocaine 65 feet from Obama - TheDC

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David Cross

The comedian snorted the white stuff at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2009