colin kaepernick

Green Beret Sniper Crushes Kaepernick With D-Day Photo

US | Jena Greene
He hasn't forgotten what it's all about.

Kaepernick Lawyers Preparing To Subpoena Trump And Pence

Sports | Jena Greene
He's not giving up

How Kaepernick Responded To NFL's New Anthem Policy

Sports | Mike Brest

NFL Expected To Pass A Rule Requiring Players To Stand For The Anthem

Sports | David Hookstead
Is this a smart idea?

Sports Writer: Not Hiring Kaepernick Is Like Spitting 'In The Face Of American Values'

Sports | Justin Caruso

Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Deposed In Kaepernick Collusion Case

Sports | Jena Greene
Yes, this is still going on.

SOCIAL JUSTICE FAIL -- Colin Kaepernick Is So Unpopular, Politicians Are 'Running Against' Him

Sports | Justin Caruso
Americans are fed up with disrespect for our flag.

Colin Kaepernick's Hopes Of Returning To The NFL Take Another Bad Hit

Sports | David Hookstead
He can only blame himself

Trump Reportedly Wants To Invite Kaepernick To The White House

Sports | David Hookstead
This is a terrible idea

Leaked Audio Shows Owners Are Terrified Of Fan Perceptions Of The NFL

Sports | David Hookstead
This isn't good at all

Another Tomi Lahren Rant And This Time It Is Against John Legend

Media | Morgan Caplan
'War on cops is real'

Seahawks Coach Still Not Completely Ruling Out Signing Kaepernick

Sports | David Hookstead
Should they do it?

The Daily Daily Caller Podcast: The Liberal Mob Is Swarming

Politics | Derek Hunter
It's April 23, and leftists are out in full force

'Lawful Lynching' -- What Colin Kaepernick Just Said About Police Officers Is VILE

Sports | Justin Caruso
This is just not right.

Fox Sports Pundit Torches Colin Kaepernick, Says He Wants To Be A Martyr

Sports | David Hookstead
He didn't hold back

Stephen A. Smith Destroys Kaepernick-Jackie Robinson Comparisons

Sports | Jena Greene
'You better pump them damn brakes'

Colin Kaepernick Will Reportedly Depose Roger Goodell Today

Sports | David Hookstead
Why is he behaving this way?

Adidas Wants To Sign Kaepernick, That Would Be A Huge Mistake

Sports | David Hookstead
Why would they do this?

Kaepernick Bungles Potential NFL Contract Over Refusal To Stop Kneeling

Sports | David Hookstead
Is it over for him?

Ravens Coach, GM To Be Questioned In Kaepernick Collusion Case

Sports | Mike Brest
It'll be tough to prove

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