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Colin Powell took a selfie 60 years before it was cool

Colin Powell selfie

Hashtag throwback Thursday

Colin Powell: 'Certain elements' in Republican party 'demonize' minorities, women

‘Are you still a Republican, or what do you think you are?’

10 famous black Republicans

From Zora Neale Hurston to The Rock

Colin Powell: Zimmerman verdict 'questionable'


Former secretary of state wants Obama to be ‘more passionate about race questions’

FLASHBACK: When Reagan longed for a Colin Powell presidency

‘I think he’s a very remarkable man’

Laura Bush wants out of the gay marriage ad campaign - TheDC

Laura Bush Gay Marriage

First lady was not asked permission to use interview clip

Pro-gay marriage ads feature Obama, Bush, Cheney, Powell

‘Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law’

Chomsky compares Colin Powell to Nazi war criminal on Iranian state-run news

Noam Chomsky

‘So if von Ribbentrop was hanged…You know…Okay, fill it out’

What Hagel and Kerry learned from Vietnam

The two Vietnam vets share a heavy aversion toward any US military intervention, especially on the ground, unless clear US national-security interests are at risk.

Powell refuses to defend Hagel on Israeli-Palestinian 'moral equivalency' - TheDC

Colin Powell on Meet the Press

‘You will have to ask him what he believes’

Colin Powell: There's 'a dark vein of intolerance' in the GOP [VIDEO]

Former secretary of state criticizes members of Republican Party who ‘look down on minorities’

Colin Powell contradicts internal Current TV memo on Al-Jazeera sale - TheDC

Then-Secretary of State Colin Powell gestures during a news conference in Washington, D.C., Sept. 12, 2001.- SUSAN WALSH-Associated Press

False: Current TV claim that Al-Jazeera is the only station Powell watches

Colin Powell endorses Obama ... again

Former Secretary of State praises president for handling of economy

Colin Powell sings 'Call Me Maybe' on live TV [VIDEO] - TheDC

As Charlie Rose looks on, horrified

Powell not ready to endorse Obama for re-election - AP

Colin Powell and Barack Obama

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell declined to renew the endorsement he gave Obama four years ago

Colin Powell undecided on Obama or Romney endorsement - TheDC

‘I will be watching both Mr. Romney and President Obama and see what judgments I come to’

Colin Powell: Media, tea party to blame for divisive tone in Washington - NewsBusters

Then-Secretary of State Colin Powell gestures during a news conference in Washington, D.C., Sept. 12, 2001.- SUSAN WALSH-Associated Press

‘We have to come back toward the center in order to compromise’

Powell rips Cheney: 'My head isn't exploding and I haven't noticed any other heads exploding' - TheDC

‘I think Dick overshot the runway with that kind of comment if that’s how he plans to sell his book’

South Sudan becomes world's newest nation - AP

South Sudan

Omar al-Bashir, Colin Powell, Ban Ki-moon and others attend independence celebrations