Evergreen State Pays $100,000 To Rent Far-Flung Stadium For Commencement After Loony Race Protests

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Cheney Stadium in Tacoma YouTube screenshot/Nomadic Fanatic

‘There is flexibility in the regular college budget’ at taxpayer-funded school

Evergreen State Officials Ask Student Vigilantes To Stop Patrolling Campus With Baseball Bats

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Warriors Baseball Furies YouTube screenshot/Movieclips

‘Carrying bats is causing many to feel unsafe and intimidated’

Now Even Socialists Are Bashing The Loony Race Protesters At Evergreen State

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YouTube screenshot/Bobzeda, Shutterstock/wow subtropica

‘Their racialist outlook’ ‘complements the racism of the far-right’

Mizzou Hemorrhages More Students And Cuts Jobs Because Of Black Lives Matter Protests

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Getty Images/Michael B. Thomas

‘Public perception concerns’ continue to plague the school

Conservative Leaders Respond To A Laughably Slanted Account Of Conservative Campus Activism

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student protest Shutterstock/Danomyte

‘Liberals want opposing viewpoints to go away’

Ritzy University Postpones Finals For 'Students Of Color' Traumatized By Harambe Banana Nooses

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bananas Shutterstock/Pixfiction

‘The oppression and discrimination and the hate we have faced’

POLL: 16 Percent Of Students At Fancypants Yale Are Pretty Much Complete Fascists

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Yale University Shutterstock/Guillermo Olaizola, YouTube screenshot from Top Secret/MOVIECLIPS

And over 40 percent of Yale’s students are ‘not comfortable’ voicing opinions in class

Fraternity Suspended For Throwing A Mexican-Themed Party, Wearing Sombreros

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fake Mexican mustaches Getty Images/Khaled Desouki

‘You may think that you have celebrated our culture’

Cops Arrest UC Berkeley Protester For Refusing To Take Off Mask

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
A man in support of U.S. President Donald Trump (L) is being pepper sprayed by a counter-protester during a rally in Berkeley, California, U.S., April 15, 2017. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

You’re not Batman, bro

Tree Huggers At $63,550-Per-Year College SHOCKED To Learn They Can Be Punished For Breaking Rules

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Swarthmore protest/Swarthmore Mountain Justice

‘I was really disappointed and confused’

CONSPIRACY THEORY DEBUNKED: Rioters At Milo Event Were Radical Leftists, Not 'Right-Wingers'

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YouTube screenshot/ABC News, YouTube screenshot/MSNBC

‘Starbucks is a symbol of global capitalization’

Shirtless Trump Bro Disrupts Protest In Texas

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They seemed quite surprised to see him

Campuses Are FREAKING OUT Over Trump's Victory

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WPXI screenshot, Twitter video screenshot/madelineele

Lamentation! Wailing and gnashing of teeth!

Pittsburgh Students Demonstrate For Trump, Get Threatened

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‘I have been terrified on this campus for being a conservative’

UT Young Conservatives 'Affirmative Action Bake Sale' Draws Protests

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‘We will continue to speak out against policies that are harmful’

Safe Spaces Not Cutting it? Berkeley Students Demand 'Spaces Of Color'

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Safe spaces aren’t enough for these campus SJWs

Trump-Hating Students Crash University Of Michigan Debate Watch Party. Chaos Ensues

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Was a guy dressed as Jesus Christ involved and relentlessly banging on a drum? YES!

Here's A NINJA-CLAD Abortion Enthusiast Ambushing A Pro-Life Display With A Wooden Club

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Abortion-loving ninja ‘premeditated the attack’