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Report Details Growing Middle Class College Squeeze

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More choosing cheaper two-year schools

Federal Study: 2008 Grads Not All Doomed

Most graduates found full-time work, but less than in the past

How Do We Knock Out The Higher Education 'Cartel'? Sen. Rubio Has Some Ideas

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‘The entrenched higher education cartel has the power to block out innovative, lower-cost competitors’

10 Weird College Degrees You Can Get Right Now

We’re still working on that ‘Sleeping on the Couch’ major

Denmark Makes Cuts In Universities To Help Economy

Nyhavn, Denmark (Photo: Julia Dent)

‘I think it will take much more to save Denmark from the crisis’

Which Arizona Sorority Has The Hottest Tumblr? [PHOTOS]

(Photo: Tumblr)

This war may break the Internet

Report: Regulations Are Hiking Up College Tuition Costs

Westminster College (Utah) YouTube screenshot/Westminster College

Tuition costs, administrative staff ‘pretty strongly correlated’

Institutional Insanity

White privilege / Youtube screenshot

‘F— the time!’

Analysis: Colleges invited WAY MORE Dems than Reps to speak

Obama in graduation regalia. Photo: AFP/Getty Images/Timothy A. Clary

Political bias?

Michigan State University wants to make all incoming students study diversity too

While East Lansing isn't exactly known to be a luxurious boomtown, young women enrolled at Michigan State University ("sugar baby" signups: 81) make themselves abundantly on offer.

Diversity this, diversity that

White people NOT ALLOWED at taxpayer-funded community college's staff happy hour

Library of Congress/Russell Lee, KING5 screenshot

‘That space is not for white people’

Anal sex is taking over campuses! Claims HuffPost. Citing exactly one column


‘What is it about anal sex that makes it — pardon the pun — the butt of every joke?’

Don't hold your breath for the cost of college to go down

Westminster College (Utah) YouTube screenshot/Westminster College

A degree still holds much more value than it costs, but the market is changing drastically.

Psychologist: Colleges foster environments 'actively hostile' toward men

Dr. Helen Smith. Screenshot

‘People have no idea what men face in our colleges today’

PJ O'Rourke: College is 'a rip-off'

‘People are going to realize the degree somebody holds and their competence in their field don’t always match up very well’

Annual report shows most colleges remain anti-free speech hellholes

University of North Carolina Campus

Campus bureaucrats, lackeys continue to fail to understand basic human rights

How your campus rec center started to resemble a Dubai resort

A general view shows Dubai's cityscape

Indoor beaches illustrate perverse relationship between the taxpayer and tuition

Student body president at Northwest Christian Univ. comes out -- as atheist

Eric Fromm. Photo: Facebook

‘For me, church was an empty ritual that I participated in so I could see friends’

Alabama governor charges black college with major fraud

Robert Bentley

‘Numerous impediments to the investigation’

Catholic college hosts sex workshop featuring 'The C#&t Coloring Book'

Who wouldn't want a role model like porn star Jenna Jameson to be a spokesperson for their campaign against leather? Don't forget the poor sexual pun!

‘Masturbation, Orgasm, and Pleasure’ and ‘Power and Privilege’ on the agenda