Orwell's Newspeak Is Coming To A Campus Near You

Opinion | Scott Greer
Big Brother 1984 YouTube screenshot/Arua Gabriel

Universities now want to control the words students use

The Deans Of Campus Insanity

Opinion | Scott Greer
University of Virginia Creative Commons Todd Vance

School administrators are responsible for almost everything that’s wrong with higher education

What's A College-Bound Lady To Do?

Opinion | Susan Patton
Ivy League Diversity

College is the best place to meet your life partner.

Girl Blows $90K In Tuition Money On Clothes And Vacations -- Then Blames Her Parents

Education | Andrew Kadar
The inspector general who was supposed to be watching the Department of Commerce didn't audit billions, a report found.

‘They have a retirement account’

There's More Than One In Five Things Wrong With Campus Rape 'Facts'

Opinion | Scott Greer

The Washington Post’s study does more harm than good

Facts Notably Absent At Capitol Hill Event Pushing Debt-Free College

Education | Chloe Stevenson
Debt-free college experience

‘I grew up in an America that supported people like me’

Congratulations, New Grads, And Welcome To Indentured Servitude!

Opinion | Bill Frezza
Obama in graduation regalia AFP Getty Images/Timothy A. Clary

Depressed about being the first generation of Americans unlikely to do as well as your parents? Don’t worry, there’s a pill for that!

College Football Coaches Play 'Dizzy Punt'

Sports | Scott Cook
Dakota State Dizzy Punt

I would so play for these guys

Mascot Madness: The 15 Most Bizarre Mascots In College Sports

Slideshow | Scott Cook

Go … uh … Artichokes?

The SHOCKINGLY SWEET Salaries America's Gender Studies Professors Rake In

Education | Eric Owens
Rich People

Ethnic studies and other ‘studies’ fields are very lucrative, too

This Century-Old, $47,095-Per-Year Liberal Arts College Will Close FOREVER This Spring

Education | Eric Owens

Are America’s expensive, fancypants private colleges running scared?

Harvard Professor: Education Gap Has Unraveled American Dream

Education | Evan Wilt
Richard Murnane presents at the American Institute for Research on Feb. 18, 2015

Gaps between rich and poor grow larger

COULTER: How Much Is That Psychology Degree Worth?

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

Going after Big Education is all upside for the GOP.

COULTER: As Long As Obama Brought Up The Cost of College...

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

‘Americans are being bamboozled into paying any price for a college degree’

Last “Weak” Tonight

DC Trawler | Derek Hunter

Report Details Growing Middle Class College Squeeze

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
money-counting-1024x731 reuters

More choosing cheaper two-year schools

Federal Study: 2008 Grads Not All Doomed

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

Most graduates found full-time work, but less than in the past

How Do We Knock Out The Higher Education 'Cartel'? Sen. Rubio Has Some Ideas

Education | Hannah Bleau
(Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

‘The entrenched higher education cartel has the power to block out innovative, lower-cost competitors’

10 Weird College Degrees You Can Get Right Now

Education | Seth Richardson

We’re still working on that ‘Sleeping on the Couch’ major

Denmark Makes Cuts In Universities To Help Economy

World | Julia Dent
Nyhavn, Denmark (Photo: Julia Dent)

‘I think it will take much more to save Denmark from the crisis’