Could Trump Buy Out The West's Largest Coal Plant To Stave Off Closure?

Energy | Michael Bastasch
View of the Navajo power generating station near Page, Arizona

‘A potential path forward’

Montana shooters to challenge AG Holder in court March 4th - Montana Shooting Sports Association

Gun Laws & Legislation | Guns and Gear

“Firearms made and retained in Montana are simply not subject to any federal regulatory”

Obamacare is a disaster, but the Supreme Court ruling is not

Opinion | David Cohen

The battle returns to the democratic process, where it belongs.

D.C. Circuit finds no significant limit on commerce power

Opinion | Jim Huffman

Are the Tenth Amendment and the concept of federalism relics of the past?

How important is the Obamacare litigation?

Feature:Opinion | Thomas Bowden

Whatever the outcome, one thing is for certain: The founders’ concept of limited government will not be vindicated.

Liquor wholesalers' appalling misuse of the Constitution

Opinion | Angela Logomasini

Wholesalers are trying to trick lawmakers into backing a bill that would preserve anti-competitive state liquor laws. Lawmakers shouldn’t fall for it.

'America's Mr. Right': Libertarian talk radio host Jason Lewis - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

Jason Lewis explains why he supports having the option for states to secede, and why federalism is more important than ever

Why the mandate is unconstitutional

op-ed | Ilya Somin

None of the Obama administration’s arguments for the health care mandate hold up to constitutional scrutiny.

Government by Commerce Clause

Opinion | William J. Watkins, Jr.

Will U.S. District Court Judge Henry Hudson have the courage to oppose the unlimited power claimed by our current leaders?

The healthcare law goes on trial

op-ed | Karen Harned

It’s up to the courts to strike down Obamacare’s unconstitutional individual mandate.

NPR is unconstitutional

Opinion | Ron Meyer

The Constitution doesn’t grant Congress the power to fund radio stations.

The case for murder liability insurance

Opinion | J.D. Thorpe

Murder liability insurance would ensure that conservatives are covered in the event that their rage causes them to kill people.

The Obamacare mandate is unconstitutional

Feature:Opinion | David Kopel

The Obamacare mandate to buy something you don’t want is constitutional only if the Supreme Court chooses to change the Constitution.

Of Roger Clemens, anti-trust laws and liars in Congress

Opinion | Rick Robinson

Why is Congress investigating Roger Clemens? Don’t members of Congress have better things do?

Court allows Virginia's health care law challenge - Fox News

Politics | interns

Judge: Unprecedented to rule on constitutionality of pursuing a product

Conservatives rally around the Tenth Amendment - TheDC

Politics | Matt Purple

‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people’

Elena Kagan balances your diet

Opinion | Sallie James

Unfortunately, Kagan is tapping into a legitimate point: when you socialize health care costs, taxpayers have an interest in keeping those costs down, including by mandating behavior that should rightly be considered private

Kagan ducks question about forcing Americans to eat healthy - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

Tom Coburn grills Supreme Court nominee over whether it is constitutional for Congress to compel Americans to eat fruit and vegetables

Largest small business lobby signs onto health care lawsuit - The Daily Caller/AP

Business | AJ

The nation’s largest small business advocacy organization is joining 20 states in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the recently passed health law

Oberstar’s water bill sets up biggest EPA power grab yet

Opinion | Phil Kerpen

Apparently the EPA’s current regulatory rampage is inadequate for the astonishingly big government taste of Jim Oberstar of Minnesota