Common Defends Snoop Dogg Video As 'Freedom Of Expression'

Entertainment | Ford Springer

‘Hip-hop always has been about freedom of expression’

Presidents and our 'Common' culture - TheDC Opinion

Feature:Opinion | Tevi Troy

Obama isn’t the first president to get into trouble by inviting an entertainer to the White House.

WaPo chairman unaware of story on White House-rapper controversy - TheDC

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WaPo chairman unaware of front-page story on rapper controversy

Sam Hamill, the left's answer to the Common-White House poet controversy - TheDC

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Antiwar poet who turned down Laura Bush’s 2003 poetry night invite says Obama deserved the same

Rapper appears at White House event - TheDC

Politics | Neil Munro

White House quietly drops rapper Common from the afternoon session of poetry event

White House calls rapper 'socially conscious,' opposes cop killing lyrics - TheDC

Politics | Vince Coglianese

‘He’s known as a socially conscious hip hop artist or rapper, who in fact, has done, a lot of good things’

If rapper Common is barred by White House, Pope should be too says FNC guest - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor’s Keli Goff: Pope shouldn’t ‘be welcome in the White House because he presided over one of the biggest pedophilia scandals in American history’

Liberals support, conservatives oppose Common invite - TheDC

Politics | Neil Munro

White House officials haven’t backed down, even though the president is scheduled to make opening remarks at the event